Most Popular Wall Stickers to the Children’s Room

Tip 1: Flower closet

In the nursery, always excelling something tender and nicely colored. Why not treat yourself to just flowers? Flowers on stickers you can buy in a variety of bright colors and in several sizes. Girly room will certainly be finely tuned floral decorations. Feel free to mix larger and smaller sizes in one room.

Tip 2: Mole is still popular hero

Perhaps all little kids have their krtečkovské period. He must have everything at home with the hero Mole and quietly, they recruit friends and hare, a mouse and a hedgehog. Sticker on the wall with the motif Little Mole you can buy in various sizes and place it over the table, for example, to play with or alongside wardrobe.

Tip 3: Sticker on wall Hello Kitty

Beautiful stickers with the motif of the popular cat Hello Kitty certainly brighten any girl’s room. Ozdobením walls of this theme so you can easily expand your collection of things with Hello Kitty, which certainly include bed linen, watch, backpack and a shirt or skirt.

Tip 4: Fairy Zvonilka in the children’s world

Sticker Fairy Zvonilka not miss in the children’s room no girls. Fairy likes to stick to the wall at different heights – for example, 33 cm, 65 cm and 120 cm. Elegant sticker will adorn children’s kingdom in a short time. You can look at it over the table, above the shelf or next cabinet.

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