Good Backpack for Travel

In recent years, airlines have had an increase in the number of flights and an expansion of routes really impressive: today travel, see the world and move quickly is really very easy, and most importantly no longer ridiculously expensive as it once was.

By booking in advance some destinations, you can treat yourself to beautiful trips with minimal effort. One of the elements that normally increases the price of the ticket is the presence of a baggage from 15/20 kg to be loaded into the hold and then withdraw to their destination.

If you make short trips, maybe like the classic long weekend, the advice is to opt for a simple hand baggage to check in with us on the plane for free and insert into the slots in the overhead lockers for the duration of the flight.

How to choose the right backpack for hand luggage?

The classic carry-on for air travel is the trolley, comfortable to carry thanks to the wheels that allow you to drag it without too much effort, and specially made large enough to be accepted by all airlines, namely about 55x35x20 with a variable weight between 8 and 10 pounds. The trolley even more convenient, and very best suited for youngsters travelling and moving a lot, is the zanio carry-on.

Even the backpack, however, must respect the indication about the size of hand luggage. The convenience of using a backpack rather than a trolley is evident on the go, during which you can get in shoulder backpack without any hassle, especially if you manage to organize well the inside of hand luggage trying to calibrate weights.

The majority of backpacks for hand luggage are now made of lightweight but extremely durable material, to make the most of space travellers in baggage, both in terms of volume and in terms of weight.

This is however only possible provided you manage to put in the best possible way their belongings within the backpack to optimize really all available space, and without having to give up something because your luggage has already ttoppo full

How to choose the right backpack for your hand luggage

Online you can choose from a wide selection of models of backpack for carry-on, slightly different from each other in form and color. For example, you can choose a backpack that has the ability to be dragged using small hidden wheels on the bottom of your backpack.

The prices are on the whole quite low and quite aligned with each other: for a “basic” backpack model, regardless of the number of these pockets, you’ll spend roughly 20/25 euros, while a bit more sophisticated, even those backpacks with wheels that can be dragged, it talks of 50/100 euros.

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