Site Will Donate to Breast Cancer Research for Every 30 Views in Videos Breasts

In several countries the tenth month of the year is called “Pink October” as part of the awareness campaign of breast cancer, a disease that only in Brazil takes the lives of over 10,000 women every year. A site pornography decided to make an interesting campaign for this cause. He will donate money to research this type of cancer with the number of views on breasts videos. Continue reading “Site Will Donate to Breast Cancer Research for Every 30 Views in Videos Breasts”

Dell Solution Center Solves Your IT Problems

Today, to maintain a competitive business, it is necessary to invest in modern applications that require high-performance solutions. To help IT professionals time to expand or improve their business systems, Dell created the Solution Center, a service that provides support in several important technologies such as cloud computing, security and virtualization. Continue reading “Dell Solution Center Solves Your IT Problems”

Myspace Bravely Resists and Undergoes Redesign

Remember Myspace? The social network before dominant, bought by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, the weight of gold, and then sold for a bargain price, prepares a redesign that should go live in the near future. Brand new (again), new features and ongoing focus on music. Wants to know? Until it was beautiful. Watch the video below, disclosure of what is to come – although the social network does not say when. Continue reading “Myspace Bravely Resists and Undergoes Redesign”

Twitter Got Another Way to Annoy Developers

Twitter applications for phones and tablets usually offer a range of services to host images that the user wants to send to the microblog. Or used with the verb in the past tense. The BuzzFeed reports that the next Twitter sources confirm the disappearance of the options to host the photos in some of the upcoming software updates provided to reach users.

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Street View is Expanded to Universities, Including UFRJ

The Google announced yesterday that added another series of images in Street View service. Although most of the photos that are already there are public streets and cities, the update this week includes a more intellectual area: the campuses of several universities around the world. More than 150 of them had their dependencies mapped, photographed and are now available for all freshmen who do not know to be guided by the campus where chosen to do his graduation. Continue reading “Street View is Expanded to Universities, Including UFRJ”

Tumblr Excludes NSFW Blogs by Accident

Beach day without sunshine, without samba carnival, Tumblr without pornography. Some things just were born for each other, and hosting nearly 70 million blogs, Tumblr has become famous because of its simplicity, clean look and for permissive policies on hosting NSFW content sites (Not Safe for Work, or is, to unsafe working environment), if properly marked. Continue reading “Tumblr Excludes NSFW Blogs by Accident”

Box Offers 50GB of Space for Free to Android Users

The storage service in the cloud Box announced on Thursday that increased from 5 GB to 50 GB disk space available to users all people who have any devices Android. Since last October with device users iOS already have this digital landlordism to save your files, but it is the first time that the offer reaches other systems.

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Google DNS Has 70 Billion Requests Per Day

Plenty of reasons to celebrate. The Google announced this week that the DNS service that keeps accounts for only 70 billion requests for Internet users per day. The absurd number makes the company the largest public DNS provider in the world, coming in front of formidable competitors – notably OpenDNS, most famous for offering free DNS provider.

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Google Docs for Android Allows Offline Access to Files

The Google today updated its application Google Docs for Android and brought some news. Owners of tablets with the system and that are users of Google documents service will see a new interface to upgrade to the 1.0.43 version of the application. In addition it also brings offline access (yes, only access) to files.

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Google Maps Displays Emergency Alerts

It was announced this week an initiative Google to bring more information about emergency situations. Through Google Maps (or Google Maps, for those who prefer) the company will inform on emergency and security alerts in the areas displayed on Maps. In particular climatic conditions that merit the attention of Internet users.

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Google Kills Picnik and Other Services Underused

The list of services Google will be discontinued or relocated grew late last Friday when the company included her five items that failed users enough to stay relevant. This cleansing began in September last year, a few months after Larry Page taking over as CEO and show that’s not messing around.

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Twitter Has Filter for Users “Antisocial” in the Search

The search of Twitter has filter options until well advanced, which allow a user to search for specific tweets in a language, a member of the site or containing a specific hashtag. One thing few people know, however, is not always all tweets will appear on the results page. Twitter said today that has a filter that prevents the search tweets from people “antisocial” are displayed.

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Facebook Will Pay $ 500 Per Vulnerability Found

It is not today that certain companies focused on the web offer rewards to security researchers, hackers and anyone who finds security holes or serious vulnerabilities in their programs and websites. The Google does this with Chrome, Orkut, YouTube and Mozilla do this with Firefox and Thunderbird, as readers of TB should already know .Now is the turn of Facebook finally implement this policy. Continue reading “Facebook Will Pay $ 500 Per Vulnerability Found”

São Paulo Police Receive Complaints Via Twitter and Facebook

The Military Police of São Paulo is moderninha. The corporation announced it will strengthen its presenta social media through accounts on Twitter and Facebook. What’s more, citizens are invited to participate in a kind of collaborative patrol, in order to reduce crime in marginal river Tiete and Pinheiros river. If you are paulistano or watch the television news on a regular basis, you know that these are two very important ways living giving problem.

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Google Creates, Shortener URLs Own Websites

Since the popularity of Twitter and short URLs it is possible to say that there was a growth of sites offering this type of service, such as the Brazilian and American One of the drawbacks to click a short URL is that you do not know exactly where it will take until you click on it, which gives room for scams like phishing .Thinking about decreasing this occurrence, the Google today created a new short URL to use officially own websites.

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Adobe Releases Beta Version of the Next Flash and Air

To try not to lose too much space for HTML5, the Adobe have to constantly update the Flash and make it as or more efficient than your competitor said standardized by theW3C . Allied to this, your platform Air also have to keep abreast of the latest innovations to keep interesting to developers. Continue reading “Adobe Releases Beta Version of the Next Flash and Air”

Instagram win “story mode” similar to Snapchat

The Instagram received an update on Tuesday (2) that brings users an interesting novelty: the option to create stories ephemeral, that is, that self-destruct after a while. He knocked a sense of déjà vu here? Do not be surprised: the new feature is undeniably similar to Snapchat. Like too much. Continue reading “Instagram win “story mode” similar to Snapchat”

Hackers Invade the Gawker Media Blogs and Publish User Data

The weekend was bad news for Gawker Media, a company that controls a number of blogs you surely know (the Gizmodo and Lifehacker, among others, are there). Hackers managed to break into the user registration system and also the content publishing system, putting the websites of the network at risk, as well as your readers and commentators.

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New Twitter Adds Support for 5 Content Partners

When the new Twitter – which is not so new – it was announced, the redesign has drawn attention because of a second area on the site previously occupied by the sidebar. This is where content is displayed embedded by users, which put them through links. Very good and very heavy at the same time, but the intent of Twitter is to continue expanding support for new services in this part of the site.

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WikiLeaks is Kicked Server and is Without Original Domain

If you were living under a rock the past few days, here is a recap of what happened in the diplomatic world: the site WikiLeaks published the so – called Cablegate, documents that embarrassed the US by showing the true face of its diplomacy. Since then the servers that host the site was the target of constant DDoS attacks and to try to work around this situation, WikiLeaks has been moved to the servers Amazon .com. But this was not an idea of the brightest. Continue reading “WikiLeaks is Kicked Server and is Without Original Domain”

Series Finale of Lost Has Been the Subject of Almost Half a Million Tweets

The company metrics Trendrr record the number of tweets that mentioned Lost during the show’s final episode of the series, which took place between 14h Sunday until 2 am Monday morning, New York time. She came to the conclusion that 437,613 tweets were published in view of the episode in the US, not including those in closed profiles on the network. As a comparison, the company said that during the display of the Oscars were counted more than 780,000 tweets.