Burberry Prorsum Spring Bags

Today we present the bags Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 collection, in reality it is a preview but it is quite consistent, so it will be a pleasure to browse our photo gallery and dream through these beautiful bags. The Burberry Prorsum collection for spring summer 2011 we saw together a few months ago during London Fashion Week, now in the London fashion house curated by Christopher Bailey, shows us closely the new, colorful bags, fashion and beautiful, a must have! Continue reading “Burberry Prorsum Spring Bags”

Facebook Gives the Change: No Import Gmail Contacts

Another episode of the soap opera Google vs Facebook materialized on Monday. The social network decided it was time to make a change in the team Gmail. As? Removing the option to import Gmail contacts into Facebook. Anyone who tries to do this can not currently perform more operation.

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Azzaro Paris Bags

Even Azzaro celebrates with us Christmas and New Year and proposes a number of really great bags and accessories, bright, glamorous and glitzy perfect for those looking for something special to show off at parties or during a few evenings in the disco! Azzaro presents a wide range of bags and small accessories that could be a good starting point for your Christmas gifts in this case, however, become “regaloni” especially if you decide to lean towards the bags! Continue reading “Azzaro Paris Bags”

Flash Video and HMTL5 Side by Side

There is debate about which delivery format videos will prevail on the internets, if Flash or HTML5. I particularly believe that Flash allows greater image quality and even reproduction, though also consume much more machine resources. To put more wood on that fire, programmers created a page that allows you to compare a video presented with both technologies. Continue reading “Flash Video and HMTL5 Side by Side”

Isabella Lorusso Bags

I propose today the spring / summer 2011 collection of bags signed Isabella Lorusso, whose brand perhaps you will be more familiar as Islo, bolognese relatively new brand, born in 2005, which also offers lines of handbags, shoes and accessories very interesting. In keeping with the provisions and the most glamorous fashion trends of the season, the collection of Islo handbags for spring / summer 2011, aims in fact on the bright color and lively to the limit with the fluorescent, the more fresh and youthful floral motifs, but also on evergreen like black, white, beige and powder, to meet the needs of a little ‘all its customers. Continue reading “Isabella Lorusso Bags”

Google Employee Accuses Twitter Engineer of Sexual Harassment

An employee of Google called Noirin Shirley is using his personal blog to accuse an engineer Twitter of sexual harassment. The case would have happened in a celebration party where the girl was with her ​​colleagues after the closure of ApacheCon, held in Atlanta between 1 and 5 November. Continue reading “Google Employee Accuses Twitter Engineer of Sexual Harassment”

Chloe Spring Summer Bags

Even Chloe misses no opportunity to present its new and elegant collection of accessories for the season spring / summer 2011, focusing mainly on leathers and on the bags, but by emphasizing its line with other articles: wallets, loose change brings, shoes and scarves paired with each article, to complete the outfits of his clients with everything you need to address a nice day out. The proposal by Chloe line for the hot weather is especially geared to the idea of elegance and refinement, but there are more casual and playful pieces. Let’s see them.

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Making a Pumpkin Lantern Halloween

October is a day of witches, spiders, black cats, skeletons and dark forces. The holiday known as Halloween. Usually celebrated in English-speaking countries, but in recent years this festival is celebrated in our country.
Although not part of our mores and traditions, he brings diversity and smiles on the last day of October. Happy children’s parties in kindergartens, unforgettable moments in the nightclubs of the city. Throughout the day you can see smiling people dressed in costumes especially for Halloween.

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Movement Wants Google Save the Wave

Presented in May 2009 and enjoying a dull dark since the Wave was never one of the crown jewels of Google, which last week announced that the service will have a melancholy off until the end of the year with the right to have some parts your code reused on other sites, “like an old car that had its wheels stolen.” Continue reading “Movement Wants Google Save the Wave”

Windows Phone 7 Reaches 3,000 Apps and 15,000 Developers

It has already been more than proved that in the era post- iPhone, a solid supply of applications is critical to the success of a platform. Consequently, the lack of these can condemn a promising operating system to premature death. And Windows Phone 7 – What is the time promise in the world of mobile operating systems – not to give chance to this kind of chance. Continue reading “Windows Phone 7 Reaches 3,000 Apps and 15,000 Developers”

Fun Activities for Halloween

Here are some more ideas for Halloween games for kids-u whole terrible story.
Ask children … sat on the floor in a circle now begin to tell a story and ask them to complete it on children to tell her children will speak successively after one or a few sentences! For example, you can start with … kids walked down the street during cold and rainy night when he suddenly saw on the horizon of the old house, abandoned houses … now BR Price will be selected child, and followed by children sitting beside him. Each child can add a little intrigue and mystery. Children say, until finally the story is completed.Recording history. As children finish this release to listen again. Will be! a lot of laughter
Depending on age can turn off the light or ask to have children podświetlały jowl. Stories – to make it scary! If you have less than 5 years it is best to ask children to tell the story ended, only some words, for example: When the children arrived at the haunted house he saw ….. scared Kasia so much that he suddenly turned to the other side and saw that move on the back ….
Best of these methods! that you have no idea what you have young children and you may find it difficult to continue the story! u guess what’s in the box.

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John Galliano Fashion Show

It’s just staged the parade by John Galliano at the Paris Fashion Week, and as always genius triumphed. After the many criticisms and dismissal from Dior, followed by condemnation for anti-Semitic insults, the master of the eccentric was replaced by Bill Holmes, who brings to mind the style of Galliano, with a truly amazing collection. Set at the Jardin des Tuileries, the parade was definitely rock! But look at all the details of the clothes offered by John Galliano and presented before a crowd of enthusiastic fashionistas! “Are you ready?

She’s a Slayer the woman proposed by John Galliano for next autumn-winter 2012/2012, but extremely glamorous. His british style and flawless you draw on a modern silhouette Cowgirl, with tweed fabrics of aristocratic inspiration. Continue reading “John Galliano Fashion Show”

How to Make a Pumpkin Lantern for Halloween

Like Valentine and Hello for us is “imported” holiday. However, every year his followers grow.
Many people decide to make a party for Halloween because it’s fun, enjoyable and different. Like any holiday, however, and he has a long tradition. You should be wearing a suit (possibly scary) to have a pumpkin lantern and make a ” scary looking” food. The costumes will leave entirely to your imagination and materials that are available. We will give you guidance on how to make a classic pumpkin lantern. The best first sheet of paper, draw the desired jagged face, and of course, comply with the size of the pumpkin.

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Kenzo Fashion Week

The weekend of Paris Fashion Week has seen among the most anticipated of the event also brands Kenzo, fashion brand French very beloved especially by younger women for its eclectic style and open to suggestions coming from different cultures. Paris fashion week is proving to be very interesting and, despite a lot of brands have decided to propose collections with classic lines and bon ton, other stylists have opted instead to surprise, proposing eccentric creations and creative as the stunning collection of Vivienne Westwood staged yesterday afternoon. That road takes Kenzo for his autumn/winter 2012 2013? Let’s find out together! Continue reading “Kenzo Fashion Week”

Autumn Cashmere Cotton Sweaters

It’s hard to remember a time when it is fashionable knitted sweaters for women. This article of clothing is always true regardless of fashion trends. Models knitwear knitting is original textures and patterns. Spokes can create a knitted fabric which can never make a machine. So knitwear with this clever tool is not yet in vogue.

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Chanel Paris Fashion Week

Chanel has just paraded during the penultimate day of Paris Fashion Week, presenting his collection for fall winter 2012 2013. Brand new creations, made by Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, are a perfect mix of chic and preppy style and a touch of modernity, as in the shapes of clothes and Accessories. Chanel woman seems to come directly from the future, and in fact the models parading on a catwalk that looks like a lunar landscape, in total white with tall stones purple. To make this Show even more interesting contributed the presence, on the catwalk, by two famous supermodel: Miranda Kerr and Arizona Muse, defined by Anna Wintour as the most popular model of 2011 and, who knows, could win this title also in 2012.

Paris fashion week is coming to an end but, also in this Edition, the most popular brands and expectations have decided to pull out just in the past few days. Yesterday, we showed you the heads of the collection of Yves Saint Laurent, the latest work from Creative Director Stefano Pilati, while tomorrow we expect brands such as Miu Miu , and Louis Vuitton. Today’s calendar is just as thick, considering that you have just presented the collection of Chanel for which we could not reveal the most interesting details. Continue reading “Chanel Paris Fashion Week”

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Themes

The latest and highly anticipated brand to be dropped on the runway today at Paris Fashion Week was Alexander McQueen who, after the tragic death of its founder, is driven by the young fashion designer Sarah Burton. But often you don’t need to have 20 years experience to do an excellent job and Burton, who had the honor of designing Kate Middleton’s dress in her wedding day with Prince William, not only has created a collection of clothes really amazing but succeeds, every season that passes, to compete with the British designer whose gathered the reins. We discover together what we proposed the maison in Paris. Continue reading “Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Themes”

Wedding Guest Dresses for Spring Wedding

With the beginning of March, the Spring is coming and with it the high season of weddings. How many invitations you received this year? I for now 3, and the first question was, as always, ‘What shall I wear?’. First we try to find the mood ceremony, depending on location, different hours of the ceremony and the personality of the couple. Many spouses prefer to specify in the call or in their marriage site the dress code of the guests, and even then watch out for hazards such as “overdress” which is a much more elegant clothing than necessary, or – on the contrary – a choice not enough appropriate although, let’s face it, it’s really hard finding a right fit. Continue reading “Wedding Guest Dresses for Spring Wedding”