Jil Sander Fashion Show

Even the fashion label Jil Sander catwalk on the internet. These days are going on stage in Milan fashion shows of Milan fashion week, which we are presenting fashion collections for next spring-summer 2011. Many designers these days they proposed their tendencies, their must have for the wardrobe of the warm weather to come. Today may be the turn of Jil Sander, who will take part to the catwalks, both “physically” is virtually, directly on the internet.

Scheduled for the day of now many presentations that feature in Milan a unique spectacle: Milan fashion week we are presenting decidedly intriguing creations, that all the fashion addicted can be admired. Even in Live Webcast. Continue reading “Jil Sander Fashion Show”

Swatch Long Life Battery Smartwatch

The popular company Swatch already confirmed their involvement in the world of smart watches with potential until recently ignored. Still little is known about future smart device, but the CEO of the big Swiss manufacturer has given an interview to the local media, which reveals the development of a new type of battery perfected for smart watches. Innovation will not only make daily charge unnecessarily, but will provide durability to six months.

“Whoever offered the market a battery for smartwatch that does not have to charge six months, he will have a competitive advantage,” said Nick Hayek (mentioned CEO of Swatch) in an interview with the weekly Handelszeitung. “We are working intensively on this problem together our research group Belenos and manufacturer of batteries Renata. Next year will bring to market a revolutionary battery for mobile electronics but also for cars”.

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Tropical Themed Home Decor 2016

A decoration for your home is always beneficial to the overall vision of the dwelling. There are many different ways to refresh the apartment or villa. This publication will present a colorful and fresh idea for tropical decoration.

It takes a few small elements that synchronized correctly will bring the summer in the room: a handful of sand, decorative umbrella, multi colored stone grit in different colors, glass sphere and effective herb.

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JUJU Shoes Trend

The rubber sandals, for the sea and not only are the new trend of ‘Summer 2014, models have also appeared in the most unexpected collections. In view of the beautiful season, the brand specialized in luxury accessories and low cost brands have added to their summer line of shoes many models of open-toe sandals, flip flops and sandals with heels even colored rubber, saucy items perfect to show off cities but above all to put in the suitcase for vacation. Continue reading “JUJU Shoes Trend”

Easter Crafts for Kids

Ideas to create likable chores childrens shaped Easter bunnies.

Among the evergreen decorations that characterize the festivities of Easter can not miss the bunnies, cute pets farm irresistible and certainly much loved by children.

In this space we give you some advice on ideas for Easter crafts for kids to do with kids, easy and fast, where the commonplace for all is the use of paper as the base material. Continue reading “Easter Crafts for Kids”

Are Pointy Shoes in Style

The shoes have become a must-have in recent months from which no fashion victim can no longer undisputed protagonists of all regardless, spring-summer 2013. Whether it’s more classic form dècolletès, with high, medium, or high heel slingback kitten, with rubber band or strap behind the heel, ballerinas or slippers, narrow style 50 tips are doing their comeback in all proposals for the summer, than those of luxury brands, to economic ones. Let’s take a look together at the most interesting models.

Fashionistas and celebrities love shoes with narrow toeline, innate elegance of this kind of model that has for decades been synonymous with style and elegance. Of course, in modern collections more often narrow tips were adapted in templates quite eccentric, just have a look at the Prada spring/summer 2013 or shoe-wiki to understand what we’re talking about, but the basic form remains almost always bon ton and refined, as we will show images from our photo gallery. Continue reading “Are Pointy Shoes in Style”

Acer Announces New Liquid Zest, Zest 4 g and Z630S 

Acer Computer announced in Barcelona the two new series smartphone Liquid Zest and Liquid Z630S.Here’s our video preview at MWC 2016, followed by all the main features of the terminals.

Based on Android in version 6.0 Marshmallow, new Liquid Zest and Liquid Zest 4 gintegrates an IPS display from 5 inch HD resolution with Zero Air Gap technology and featuresAcer BluelightShield that allows users to control the amount of blue light used to display an image. Continue reading “Acer Announces New Liquid Zest, Zest 4 g and Z630S “

ASUS Zenwatch (wi500q) Android Wear Smartwatch

After a few weeks spent in the “tease” the audience, the ASUS introduced its first smart watch localtimezone. The inclusion of the Taiwanese company in the market of portable eletronika new generation happens a little later than the competition, but this case has brought only positives. The ASUS ZenWatch is more complete and more respectable product of the first attempts of other companies. They sample in this niche. Very good impression leather strap, premium materials and polished body (metal back) and curved glass (Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3) over the rounded display. The new widget offers nice and neat design doblishtavasht it to the sensation of classic watches, but also outer beauty and relatively standard hardware offer the ASUS integrates a special version of ZenUI, which includes practical and smart features further added to the standard Android Wear. Such applications are Watch Unlock, Tap Tap, Remote Camera, Cover to Mute (Simply cover), Find My Phone and Presentation Control. Owners of smartphones from ASUS will be more fully benefit from spetsifichni ASUS ZenUI applications such as What’s Next and Do It Later.

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Xiaomi Could Use SoC Owners

Xiaomi should present its new Mi 5 during the Mobile World Congress, however today the Chinese manufacturer is the focus of new rumor that don’t involve his next top of the line. According to what stated to Reuters from an anonymous source, very close and personally informed on the issue, Xiaomi could adopt the new SoCs owners about upcoming smartphone that will starting from the second half of 2016. Continue reading “Xiaomi Could Use SoC Owners”

ASUS – Smartwatch for Select Devices

Western word “teaser” can be explained as advertising without completely clear and officially announced a product that is advertised. This advertising approach has been practiced for many years around the world. The core is relatively simple – before you develop a core campaign planned a short period, which revealed individual elements (series) of advertising, but not its essence – the advertised product and its full characteristics. This “teaser” (teaser) aims to provoke users to ask questions about the mysterious object of promoting and hence make them interested in the topic, leading to financial revenues for the advertiser. Because of the good technological spies and active media products are subject to our publication, are not so unclear, but the LG and ASUS our warm up for their prime ministers with little “tease”.

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Samsung Pay Exceeds 5 Million Users

Through its official website, Samsung Electronics announced that Samsung Pay has reached the important milestone of 5 million users, generating a traffic of over 500 million dollars in the first 6 months of service, despite the initial broadcast confined exclusively to the United States and South Korea.

The 2016 will be the year when Samsung Pay will aim to expand into markets, although there may be some negative news regarding Italy, since our Country doesn’t seem to fall in the next wave. In fact, according to what emerged from the statements of Samsung, countries that in 2016 will be involved by Samsung Pay are, in order, China, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Spain and the UK. To these we add the Canada, still waiting for an official confirmation. Continue reading “Samsung Pay Exceeds 5 Million Users”

Sony Smartwatch 3 Install Android Wear

The market of portable electronics continues to grow, attracting more and more players, but popular company Sony already has extensive experience in this technological niche. The Japanese corporation was the first major manufacturer to include in the segment of smartwatches, posing for two generations of his Smartwatch ( Sony SmartWatch and Sony SmartWatch 2 ). After a year lull in May it’s time for the third generation of gadgets. Maybe it will happen around Berlin event IFA 2014, which will be held from 5 to 10 September 2014. By Sony have announced a press conference to be held on 3 September between 16:15 and 17: 00h. (CEST), which means it will be around event with Samsung.

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LG Electronics Introduces Its New LG Scratch

LG releases new videos from LG in the Box and address book presents us with the new LG Zero. To show the main features is, as usual, Raffaele Cinquegrana, MC Product Portfolio Manager, LG’s Italian.

Forged metal, finished with ergonomic curves and thin: LG Electronics is class smartphone for people who want to be smart. Take snapshots and indexed-art cameras with jaw-dropping your friends with the speed of Android Lollipop and download all the files you want 16 GB expandable memory. All in only 7.4 mm. Continue reading “LG Electronics Introduces Its New LG Scratch”

HTC to Launch Flagship Smartphone M9 along with Its First Smartwatch in March

The renowned manufacturer HTC has long said participation in the modern market of portable electronics. The Taiwanese company even identified segments as “critical” and hid the preparation of such proposals. There were also rumors already shown 3 similar product with a limited in terms of a narrow circle audience at the MWC (Mobile: the World Congress) earlier this year, but so far official announcement about a forthcoming premiere missing. It is expected that HTC’s entry into the niche to start with smart watch, but because the manufacturer has long been named as a partner of Google for “initiative Android Wear”, the name of the operating system May easy to guess. The product name does not very clear, but assumptions are mentioned as HTC One Wear and the HTC Watch, One.

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Do Your Printer No Longer Recognized The Toner Or Cartridge?

If that happens the first thing we have to ask ourselves is if we have updated the firmware of the printer.

If your printer does not detect or failed to detect the toner or ink cartridge compatible or remanufactured which was printing, it is since you have updated the firmware of your printer.

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Jil Sander FW Milan Fashion Week

Playing with volumes and with neon colors these are the key words of the new collection signed Handbagpicks proposal during Milan fashion week from JAWS for next spring-summer. The note will take a woman that maison mixes the strict minimalist style that distinguishes the brand with a desire to play with colors and shapes creating an eccentric style but at the same time sophisticated. Continue reading “Jil Sander FW Milan Fashion Week”

Smartphone for Children

Smartphone for children, yes or no? We see the 10 rules for use of the mobile by children and parents, under rules established by pediatricians.

The cultural Association of Pediatricians has signed with the society of doctors for the environment (ISDE – International Society of Doctors for the Environment) and APPLE (Association for the prevention and fight against ElectroSmog) 10 simple tips from PerComputer to the conscious use of the cell phone for children and for adults too! Continue reading “Smartphone for Children”

Best Connected Consumer Electronics Device

As every year, at the conclusion of the Mobile World Congress the Organizer GSMA announced the winners of the Awards Body 2016, the awards presented in each product category at the event in Barcelona.

The winners were announced during an official ceremony taken from Mobile World Live TVand presented by Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley.

“Our congratulations go to all the winners and nominees of the Awards Body GSMA this week at Mobile World Congress,” said GSMA CMO Michael O’Hara. “In what has been an extraordinarily wide field of more than 930 participants, reduced to 170 nominees, it was really an outstanding achievement to have been chosen by our panel of esteemed judges. We thank all our candidates, judges, sponsors and partners for supporting the Body 21° Awards “. Continue reading “Best Connected Consumer Electronics Device”

Emilio Pucci Fashion Show

Emilio Pucci brings her style at Milan fashion week, on the occasion of the catwalks for next spring-summer 2011. The fashion brand proposes a series of decidedly elegant creations, the young woman who loves to wear garments that are chic and very sophisticated. Clothing solutions definitely fashion, which will not go unnoticed, as certainly have not gone unnoticed the models who wore them during the brand’s runway show at Milan fashion week. Continue reading “Emilio Pucci Fashion Show”

Samsung SM-T585 Unveiled by GFXBench, First Tablet Manufacturer with SoC Exynos 7870

Samsung is reportedly working on a new tablet for midrange segment, the first to be equipped with the new SoC owner Exynos 7870 octa core realized with the advanced production process at 14nm Finfets, at least according to one of the first sightings through liuxers, which would have also unveiled the model SM-T585.

Contrary to what one might think, is not no variant tied to the next generation of tablet Galaxy Tab S3, seen already in past weeks with the SM-T719 and SM-T813, a completely new model therefore always linked to the Android world. Continue reading “Samsung SM-T585 Unveiled by GFXBench, First Tablet Manufacturer with SoC Exynos 7870”

Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show Spring Summer

Dolce and Gabbana raise their homage to women with an explosion of femininity is made of lace, embroidery and a white light and delicate that lit up the catwalk set up to bring the collection created for the spring-summer 2011 presented during Milan fashion week. A wonderful collection that confirms the creative genius of the two contemporary designers capable of making a classic detail such as lace.

It almost seems to find the right inspiration Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana have be enchanted by trunks than once where women kept the underwear that brought as a dowry. Between the two designers lace and wrap up in immaculate white, that both recalls that once women lingerie Ethereal and timeless. Continue reading “Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show Spring Summer”

Galaxy S7 May Have Two Different Camera Sensor

It seems that the new generation of flagship Samsung, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, to assemble two different photo sensors. As had happened to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and Edge Plus 5 Notes/S6, the two vendors are Sony and Samsung.

So far there was talk exclusively to Sony, and also both of our device we used for reviews montano IMX260 sensor, but on the Internet are increasing reports and screenshots demonstrating the presence of a Samsung ISOCELL. Continue reading “Galaxy S7 May Have Two Different Camera Sensor”

Emilio Pucci Milan Fashion Week

Emilio Pucci fashion parades on the catwalks of Milan fashion week for the spring-summer 2011, but also on the internet. Now the trend has been traced and are plenty of designers who have decided to widen the catchment area of their fashion runways for next summer. The fashion collections don’t parade solely on fashion runways more popular internationally, but also on the websites of the various fashion labels, so they can reach more fashion addicted possible. And Emilio Pucci proposes online its parade for Milano Moda Donna.

The fashion brand Emilio Pucci aligns itself to the trend of the moment, proposing its catwalks of Milan fashion week, scheduled for today, directly on the web. Continue reading “Emilio Pucci Milan Fashion Week”