How to Make Vintage Hairstyles

Fashion is always changing and bringing news, but she is also always remembering that trends have made success in the past.

No wonder that vintage fashion is on the rise and gaining many modern women.

One of the highlights of this trend are the vintage hairstyles, which leave the visual of women more elegant.

For those who don’t know, the vintage hairstyles that are successful today, most are inspired by the divas of the cinema of the decades of 1940, 1950 and 1960. Various celebrities of today have appeared in several awards and events displaying curls marked, tufts at the top of the head and coke in retro style.

The vintage hairstyles can be used both in winter and summer, but are ideal for more formal or special occasions. This is because this type of hairstyle exudes sophistication and elegance. Therefore, they can be used in weddings, graduations, debs, and special events.

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How to Choose the Anklet

The anklet is worn all year round but it is easier to see them and note them in the summer months, made countless materials, from gold to silver to ethnic ones made of wood or natural seeds. There really is something for everyone, thanks to the fact that it is becoming increasingly fashionable accessory among women of all ages. Below we offer some tips to learn how to choose the anklet.

Choose the Anklet

All jewelry, earrings on your ears to the nose, from rings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets and toe rings to have a source that dates back to the dawn of civilization, in times when they were used for specific purposes as any type of decoration was entrusted a certain symbolic or religious value rarely were seen as just tools, and often were an exhibition of power and the sign of belonging to a particular tribe or to a particular social class.

Some of these jewels, for example the anklet, have had highly successful periods centuries ago and then have fallen into disuse, to return to fashion in the following years, as is happening right now.

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How to Tie a Tie for Your Man

How to tie your tie? Some things are better to learn without the help of various phone applications and Youtube – videos. We women rarely wear ties, but more than once we have acknowledged how much we like men in nice suit and well-tied knot.

And if Barney Stinson and Schmidt have failed to inspire you during these few years … well then we do not know how we can make you wear stylish addition to your shirt. And yet, if you decided today to learn something new, especially we’ve found the easiest way of tying a tie.

Follow these steps and reasons:

How to Tie His Tie in 5 Steps

1.  Cross the wide end to narrow, then transfer the wide end up between the collar and back in the same position.

2.  Wrap the wide end behind the narrow from right to left.

3.  Bring the wide end in front and over the loop between collar and tie.

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How to Accessorize a Sweater Dress?

Accessories are the style, we told you and repeated … yes, but to choose to emphasize your sweater dress? Jewelry, belts, scarves, make the sorting in the closet. Our site teach you the secrets of a well-accessorized mesh figure!

Sweater Dress and Accessories, the Golden Rules

The principle applies to all silhouettes, but particularly essential for sweater dress: no in-between! In other words ? Discrete or assumed, accessories play unique or accumulation, without half measures. Wear a bracelet or six, a bib necklace, one pendant or four pearl necklaces: the sweater dress, enhanced by a clean look or bohemian responsible way, supports the intermediate wrong. Finally, avoid all the accessories that catch! A sweater dress is made ​​of mesh, can be learned and damaged by the reliefs of necklaces, rings or belts.

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How to Clean Costume Bronze Jewelry

Be seduced by the beauty and elegance of jewelry bronze. Sobriety and sophistication to embellish your look in the office or evening at happy hour. Be inspired by the collections of the most beautiful jewelry that our site chose only for you!

Jewelry bronze, precious details

Blooming flowers on bracelets and earrings, references to the world of nature, the sea or abstract forms. Fine jewelry that cannot miss in the jewelry of a woman of class, able to use precisely these exquisite details to embellish an outfit or hairstyle, giving light reflections due to the unique beauty of gorgeous jewelry bronze. Rings, bracelets or necklaces: the variety of bronze jewelry is really wide and stems from the wisdom and creativity of the master craftsmen, able to create small masterpieces, details that you do remember and remain forever in the hearts of those who give them and who they gets. A set of jewels of bronze jewelry consists of bracelet and ring, will become the perfect gift for a bachelor party or for the birthday of your best friend. Choose the bronze in its natural version, characterized by copper shades or worked with other materials in a combination of rare beauty: machined silver, leather or studded with crystals, bronze jewels are a guarantee of graceful elegance that gives a luminous effect from true princesses.

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Pencil Skirts For Everyone

The Pencil skirts are a classic that never goes out of fashion, the designers of the luxury brand and economy brands us know very well proposing demonstrate in their recent collections spring summer 2013 models really special and definitely something for everyone. These chic skirts that come close to the knee and in some cases exceed it, populate the summer lines in the most classic versions Dress, but especially in the wheel variants, pleated and with the press, just as they want to the canons of this period.

The rest of the summer season 2013 is seeing the skirts as great protagonists of all collections of small and large brands. Among the big returns we have seen that of short skirts and 60s, declined by stylists in colorful versions and often in color block, but also the long skirts have had their moment this year, from style models gypsy to the most romantic and bon ton especially with lace motifs.

So the pencil skirt finds a way to fit in among the leaders taste a bit ‘vintage, a little’ modern, which over the years have become evergreen. You can see it clearly flipping through the images in our photo gallery, where among other things you will also find interesting ideas on how to combine this type of skirt.

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How to Dress and What Colors to Use

How to dress and what colors to use. All of us do not have the same body, abemos gorditas, torn, Petite and high. But, there’s always clothes for every body type, you must only know how to dress and which colors to use.

The first thing you have to do is to look in a mirror, discover their strengths and those who want to hide, then proceed to analyze if it is that you want to be thinner. For that, I leave you a list of tips from

1.-monochromatic. If you have decided to be slimmer, opt for used clothing that are monochromatic colors. These colors are perfect for visually lengthen the body and thus achieve a slim figure.

2-straight dresses. More favorable to look like thin dresses are straight cut, these dresses must be accompanied with long jackets that are the same color of the dress. Eye, the length of the dress should reach the knee.

3.-long tunics. Love many women wear beautiful long tunics, since they provide elegance and style. To wear a thin image you must use tunics under their hips and always accompany them with pants that are not tight and fine.

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