Grundig Digital Radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB +

Digital radio is enjoying increasing popularity. This includes also the Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + from Grundig. Has never been so easy to select his individual favorite program from the versatile offer. For Internet radios meet the LAN or Wi-Fi at home and already the entire range can be tested, of course with the Grundig unit. Cosmopolit 8 Internet Radio WEB DAB + has searched 2 tester. Veronika and Bernd have tested the Internet radio for you.


Grundig, a name which many a warm familiar feeling created. The TV which has seen many broadcasts: Bet that…? Dalli, dalli, churning with Rudi Carrell. Thus a part of the family. Also in the biography of the author, there are some points of contact: A portable radio (Grundig C2800 automatic) with which I heard my first radio dramas and recorded my first mixtape.

Digital radio

Jump in the year 2016: I’m testing the Internet radio from the home Grundig Cosmopolit 8 called WEB DAB +. Alone the box printing you can expect quite a bit: it is advertised compatibility with a Spotify. An Internet radio, with which you can access via the “v-tuner” platform on more than 30,000 radio stations. A remote control is included. You can control the device but also for the UNDOCK-app of the Smartphone or tablet.

Because the device is also DLNA compatible, also an audio stream from your home PC or server over LAN or WiFi should be possible. The MP3 playback includes day also the ID3, so that you can read album and track names during playback.

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Digital Radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + Review

I reports today on the Internet radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + from Grundig. This radio is a valuable device. I’ve tried it in all areas: In the bathroom, with a bath. In the living room while relaxing on the couch, in the kitchen while cooking and also in the bedroom to sleep. It probably also has an alarm function, but I didn’t take me to this.


You can set the radio station without having to remember the frequencies. The display instead of the transmission stick vans, the sender name and allows fast and convenient adjustment shows in standard mode. In addition also text messages, such as messages or transmitter can be read off display information directly on the radio. Has an AUX input for easy connect this device music devices with media player and, like CD players, smartphones, tablets or laptops. So can an audio cable connect to the headphone connection, for example, their smartphones or tablets. Through the speakers of this unit, you can enjoy the digital music collection in full volume. The first installation actually remains, even if it takes away the power and pull the plug out. Everywhere just plug in and the first installation remains! Fantastic! All stored channels remain stored as Favorites and many can be. It is necessary even if the electricity was turned off again about save, because in this case everything is on there.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Reviews

In the new blockbuster game Witcher 3, slip the player into the role of a contract Monster Slayer’s. This searches for the child of a prophecy in an open world of fantasy. There, he is confronted with many enemies, even more monsters, its own problems and his moral indifference. Witcher 3 – wild hunt was released via Bandai Namco on 19 may 2015 for Xbox one and PS4.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Reviews

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt behind a role-playing game for the next generation. Playing with a gripping story and an open world that especially graphically does something here and takes the player into a breathtaking fantasy universe is equipped. The player takes on the role of Geralt of Rivia, tasked to find the child of a prophecy in the open world of trading towns, Viking pirate Islands, dangerous mountain passes and forgotten caverns, because this kid is according to the old elven legends of the key to salvation or destruction of the world.

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LG Electronics Announces G4 Stylus and G4c

Now, LG has unveiled its new flagship G4 only, as the Group expanded the G4 family already. The two members of G4 are new stylus and the G4c. Over the next few weeks, the models in selected countries should come on the market worldwide. Both smart phones based on the G4 and take over some features of the new LG-top smart phones.

The two new models of G4 stylus and the G4c by LG are based on features of the G4. The G4 stylus with its 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) display is slightly larger the 5.5-inch display of the G4. In the housing, also the “Rubidium” is to find stylus. With this, it is possible to create notes or drawings on the screen. The smaller model with 5-inch (12.7 cm) display also features many of the premium features and design elements of the G4. The G4 stylus will be just like the G4c in the colors, metallic gold, metallic silver and ceramic white be available. Both devices are equipped with an LTE radio module.

LG Electronics Announces G4 Stylus and G4c LG Electronics Announces G4c

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Snorkeling Equipment Reviews

Life under water has a certain mystique about it and will be only more exciting, when you get up close. It comes with the proper snorkeling equipment, which allows you to study fish and plants as well as explore hidden treasures under the surface of the water. With diving equipment you can so easily do vacation and the trip to the beach even more exciting and memorable.

Myopia -2.0 to -8.0 Diving mask and snorkel kit for water sports snorkeling equipment set valve

Snorkeling equipment opens the door to another world

When you poke your head under the water’s surface wearing your snorkeling equipment, it is like opening a door to another world. You feel both the hermetic ro omhylle you while you perceive the ever-lurking danger among the fishes, who incessantly is wary of larger predatory fish. With snorkel equipment do you come so very close to the interesting life, unfolding under the mighty water lots?

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Right Swimming Accessories for Effective Workout

JIEJIA Universal Soft Silicone Swimming Nose Clip for Adult Children Kids Pool & Accessories BJ001-P4548

When you need to learn to swim, there are plenty of smart swim accessories that make it both more fun and safer to live in the water. With the right swim accessories-as for example swim belt and swimming wings-you can feel safe and comfortable when you swim and enjoy yourself in the water. In addition, there are swim accessories for you who want to train and develop your swim technique effectively and strengthen your muscles.

Getting started with swim belt and swimming wings

With a swim belt and swimming wings in the right size, you can get a good start on your swimming training. When you need to learn how to swim it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the water. Swim belt and swimming wings is therefore optimally swimming accessories, which effectively helps you to get the right position in the water. To lie properly in the water is an important first step, when the various palm strokes away must be practiced. With a swim belt and swimming wings you get so good and important help to get started with learning the art of swimming. When your child is playing in the water wearing swim swim belt and wings, can you also as a parent feel more calm and safe.

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Personalized Wall Stickers

Karate Martial Arts Wall Personalized Custom Girl Name Vinyl Wall Decal Wall Stickers Liveing Room Art Sticker 4 Sizes Skull wall sticker Skull punk rock creative personality removable vinyl wall art stickers ,sugar skull decals free shipping

Furniture is the most basic part of the decor, but it is only when the details come into place, you really can create a cozy and homely atmosphere. Such an atmosphere often includes images in beautiful frames, paintings, flower pots, souvenirs and light.

In the webshop you will finge many beautiful decorative ideas which can easily be combined with other designs, such as your current decor. With the products you can redecorate your entire home, not just the living room!

One of this year’s trends are maritime-influenced (especially the bathroom has become a popular target), and it is for this reason that we have very large selection within this. We cover products in many different categories, so that we can be sure to find something to drops in your particular taste!

How to Sew A Sport Blouse

How to Sew A Sport Blouse 1

Often it is not so easy to find stylish women’s fashion. What woman has not been around forever spent long in shopping malls and fashion stores without finding the right clothes sizes, designs and paint. Especially when it comes to sports blouses, the selection is difficult. In the store this circumstance there is awareness and offers sports blouses for winter 2016 in a well-stocked and competitive range. Here the choice is clear and low on It is enough to look round for a few minutes in the category women’s fashion and you’ve got sportswear all to yourself.

So you buy in winter 2016 sports blouses

High-quality women’s fashion from the sport blouse and evening wear range you get in the store in a wide range. On sale part of shop online catalog you get various items from coats to jewelery to jumpers and suits. Since you enjoy high-quality material quality, competent service and fair conditions not only for online purchase of sports blouses. Even with all the other products of the category sportswear that you order at it, enjoy many advantages. In this way you have here, for example, the possibility of sports blouses per Vorkassse to pay in 6 monthly installments or by invoice purchase.

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How Important Is Fashion in Choosing Sports Clothing

How Important Is Fashion in Choosing Sports Clothing (1)

Read the most common customer questions about sports fashion.


What sportswear to wear in the gym and fitness classes?

Who goes to -Zumba, aerobics, stomach-legs-Po or Step-course want, enjoy a workout in the gym right. For fitness classes a comfortable outfit as hip to a which leaves plenty of freedom of movement and body disturbs nowhere. Secondly, the outfit should be breathable and flexible. A well-fitting sports shirt or sport top, a well-fitting sports pants and sports socks are a must. Whether the trousers, 3/4-length or long short, your feeling is left. You should feel comfortable during the sports unit and do not think of your outfit.


Which Sport mode is suitable for yoga and Pilates?

In yoga and Pilates it comes to calm. Here, since the relaxation is at the forefront, comfortable, soft sportswear is worn. The pants are usually 3 / 4- or floor-length and made of soft cotton. The Sports shirt should fit snugly, fit well and do not slip, so you do not need to pluck all the time on your shirt with the typical yoga inversions like headstand or shoulder stand. For the relaxation part of the yoga class, it is recommended to always dabeizuhaben also a soft and warming sweatshirt or sweat jacket.

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Decorative Wall Stickers for Living Room

2016 New Yoga Tree Zen Big Large Wall Stickers For Living Room Wall Stickers Home Decor Removable Art Vinyl Wall Mural Decal DIY DU# Cherry Blossom Wall Poster Waterproof Background Wall Sticker for Living room Bedroom Cafe Home Decor Free Shipping

The living room is a place where the family gathers the place where we spend quality time with those we hold dear. It is also the place where we relax when we have free. With the products, you can make your own home more personal, so you and your family can feel more comfortable.

Are you trying simply to create a harmonious atmosphere, without turning space upside down, use the wall stickers which fit into most home!

If you’re into floral, or nature and the animal world, inspirational quotes or motivational sayings, you can be sure to find something that can give your home a cozy and personal touch! See the ideas for inspiration, and have fun!