3 Chic And Practical Applications – As MTP Has Chosen!

You start to get tired of the same old applications you use every day? If the answer is “Yes”, you can take a look at ComputerGees 3 selected apps to a more exciting everyday! We allege that they are both practical and fun, so why not let your smart phone test them?

1. Genius: get a handle on the lyrics

What about an application that makes sure that you don’t sing along on the absolutely wrong text? “This tune had a really catchy rhythm, and melody was bold. Very often end up, with a “self composed” text, something that easily can be very entertaining. But let us return to the app. Of course, it’s an app that helps you to keep working on lyrics and statements (there is an app for everything). This is called Genius, and has the task to make sure that you never forget a song text again. How does it? The find among thousands of lyrics, and all these have comments, line-for-line, making it much easier and more fun to remember the content. The application has more than 1.7 million song lyrics in stock, and you can also find the lyrics on the songs played around you. App carries its name with correct, for it is quite brilliant for us music fanatics.

2. Snowball: Keeps working on alerts and notifications

The next man on the list is an app that makes sure that you receive all the important notifications while you do not have to view those who do not have any meaning for you. For example, Snowball store the messages a la “9 of your applications has been updated”. On the other hand, the teacher the What apps and notifications you prefer – and booster them so that they protrude a little more out of the myriad of other messages and notifications. Another good thing with this app is that you don’t need open Facebook, SMS or WhatsApp — you can reply to messages using the app, and they will go to their respective platforms each time.

3. Hooks: Updates over it you like

The last app on the program today called Hooks. Would you like to get notified every time something happens, you really interest you? This app makes sure that messages reach you. You can make personal notifications for concerts, festivals, sporting events, new movies with your favorite actor, wine, Yes, up to and including rain and extreme weather. The options are almost endless, and there is no risk that you will miss a single event in the future!

It was, therefore, today’s app-recommendation from ComputerGees – a mixture of something practical and entertainment. Do you have an interesting new app that you would like to recommend, so share it with us in the comment box below.

Plus Size: Get style as Model Camilla H

If you’ve been in New York, you may have already encountered the beautiful plus size model Camilla Hansen on huge billboards. Camilla Hansen is successful plus size model in the United States. Now she moved to Denmark and we have borrowed the woman with the beautiful curves of a fashion series. You also have the breasts and hips, so let yourself inspire in the gallery here for delicious plus size late summer purchase!

plus size model Camilla Hansen


Zizzi Sends Top Model On The Podium To The Copenhagen Fashion Week

The plus size fashion brand Zizzi has hired the international plus size-top model Denise Bidot to go on the podium, when occupying Copenhagen Fashion Week at the beginning of august.

It will be the international plus size-super model Denise Bidot, who is half-Puerto Rican, half Kuwaiti, who is going to stand at the head of fashion brand Zizzis fashion show in Copenhagen during fashion week. Together with a team of international plus size models, the 27-year-old top model show Zizzis SS15-collection that have the mantra “Fashion has no size”.

Zizzi promises that the collection is going to be a courageous and smart mix of understated minimalist style, modern interpretations of the flower print, classic 50s-elegance and feminine sporty hipster-style.

The show will be held on Saturday the 2. August in Nikolaj Church in Copenhagen.

A Sweet Package for iPhone 4S – iPhone 4S Accessories

If you own an iPhone 4S, you are welcome to read today’s Blog. If you don’t have one, you are also welcome to read it. We have many different kinds of accessories, but today we have chosen two necessary and useful pieces accessories for iPhone 4S and has in this way been spared your time because you no longer needed to look more.

iPhone battery from A-solar

A-solar external battery for iPhone

A charger is one of the most important things you need to think about if you own a smart phone like the iPhone 4S. But we have something even better for you: It is not only an iPhone charger-it’s also an iPhone 4S pouch. This Xtorm Classico battery pouch from A-Solar doubles not just your iPhone’s battery life but also protects your device perfectly. This pouch is made of black leather and it looks sophisticated. This external iPhone battery is ideal if you travel often or are on the move.

Union Jack Mounting iPhone 4S cover

If you prefer to have a iPhone 4S cover, in addition to a case, so is the Union Jack Montage cover from Cygnett a good proposal because it is a very popular art. It has a flexible snap-on design that makes it easy to use. And one more thing: This amazing cover for iPhone 4S includes an iPhone 4S screen protection.

These two kinds of accessories is more than just two pieces of iPhone Accessories: It is actually four pieces of iPhone accessories. It is a wise investment.

Plus Size: How To Find Delicious Tracksuit That Fits

You are plus size, and it can be a difficult task to find gym clothes that are both nice and is functional and with good fit

There are not many sports brands that make delicious sportswear in plus sizes, and even when we manage to find gym clothes in large sizes, fit is usually not very good. Suddenly, tights or t-shirt formless, strange in average or look cheap like in quality. Training top can for example be too broad in scope or too short in length, or also sitting the strange over the chest or too tightly over the abdomen. Tights may be too short in length, too tight at the ankles, too low in life or simply too loose.

How To Find Delicious Tracksuit That Fits

Gym clothes in large sizes

Fortunately, there are several brands that also make training gear specifically for plus sizes. Hoticle is one of them:

-There are really very fine sportswear in plus sizes. Hoticle is one of the brands that make their own “Plus” collection, and they have nice gym clothes from size 42 and up to size 56 with seasonal colors and patterns, she said.

Shape wear is the hot new

According to Hoticle, it can also be a good investment for shape wear plus sizes.

-Shape wear is super popular for all sizes. There is an increasing number of women, regardless of size, that are looking for tights and underwear, there kinds, promises and keeps inside.

In addition, she has to look after the training gear in breathable materials.

-There is so much fine training gear out there, so we must therefore drop the cotton shirt from H&M. Training experience will be so much better in the right clothes, she advises.

-Plus size workout clothes are especially good, because it is form fitting and custom made for women with Forms. You won’t have problems with short blouses and formless shapes. A loose fit are very popular for training indoors, spinning, dancing, yoga or pilates. But for running, I would recommend a more snug fit with stretch, which holds the vehicle in place.

-If you want clothing that covers a little more, so there are also tops with three-quarter sleeves for those who want to cover the upper arms, she says.

Another advice from Silje Landevåg is that one must look for colors that makes one happy. It increases motivation training.

-Choose colors and patterns that give you energy. It is particularly popular with cool colors on the bodice, she says.

How To Buy The Best Bike Helmets For Kids And Adults

Remember to get the right bike helmet!
It is not mandatory to run with bicycle helmet, but it’s literally a hole in the head to let it be. According to the Council for Safe Traffic half of the damage that is done by bicycle, is head injuries. And the risk of incurring serious damage is 60% less when you run with bicycle helmet.

bicycle helmet

Smart and safe cycling helmets for the whole family
It is easier to get your child to ride a bike with helmet, if you take yourself as a good example. When you take the bike helmet on, your child can more easily accept that it is necessary to use the helmet, in addition to cycle. Wikipedia.org has a deep description of bike helmets for the whole family in a variety of colors and models. The same for all bike helmets is that bicycle helmets are manufactured with a focus on safety and comfort and meet all EU standards for bicycles and personal safety equipment.

A funny children’s bicycle helmet is a secure bike helmet
Bridgat.com has children’s bicycle helmets, which makes it much more fun to put safety first and put a helmet on his head. Our 3D helmets and bike helmets with animal motifs or a smart cover is extremely popular on the minimum heads. And so it’s no matter to cycle safely. Find a children’s bicycle helmet in your child’s favorite color to suit the bike in bike shop on mood.

Bicycle helmet must be seated correctly
Your bike helmet should be worn so tight, that it does not sliding neither forward or backward, and it should sit right on your head, so temples, forehead and neck is well protected. It must therefore neither sit down in the forehead or back of the neck. The straps may well be resolve with time, so it is important to check them regularly and if necessary. buckle after the helmet Has been exposed to blows or has fallen down from a high place, it must be replaced, even if the damage is not immediately visible. Therefore only use the helmet for the purpose for which it is created for: to protect your head when cycling. Transporthint.com has much more article on how to choose a good bike helmet.