13 CyanogenMod Will Incorporate Support for Unlock Safe Folders with Fingerprint

Whenever updates Android comes with several new features under his arm. Most important ROM developers take advantage of each of these changes to also introduce changes and options to make them more unique. CyanogenMod is one of the major groups to take advantage of each major revision for introduce new ideas and with version 13 underway already give us some previews of what we can expect.

Adnan Begovic has given a small foretaste of what we can see soon in CyanogenMod 13: folders protected with lock you can unlock with the fingerprint. Later, Cyanogen on Google + count confirmed the veracity of this new feature and announces that it will be available soon.

Beginning to think how to make avail of fingerprint readers

If ever have inquired about the blocking of applications on Android, you will have discovered that There are apps that Act of vaults that hide them behind a PIN code or a password. Very useful if you want to limit access and to avoid that people can access them without our permission when we pick up a mobile phone or tablet.

These apps work very well but are a hassle because you have to install them, configure them and there is no integration with the system. CyanogenMod proposes a more practical solution since it comes precisely within the own ROM. The only thing we will need is create a folder on the desktop, close it with a padlock and then add apps that give us the wins.

Yes, this option was already available on Cyanogen for some time but now we will be able to unlock these folders using the fingerprint of our mobile reader. Much faster than enter your PIN I have configured. What we don’t know is whether the API that use is that is introduced is the of Marshmallow or a developed on their own. We understand that the first option, there are many apps that already benefit from it.

When will it arrive? Its soon we know a little. The nightlies (thus calls the first betas on Cyanogen) CyanogenMod 13 will begin distributing shortly but that does not guarantee that this function is integrated. We might need some more update to see it in operation, but taking into account the official confirmation, it is possible that you do not wait.