12.1 CyanogenMod Becomes The HTC One M9 Steadily But without Official Support, Still

CyanogenMod ROM has always had two developments: on the one hand the officer with a series of devices that will be updated each time and on the other versions that make the users to carry this version of Android to all phones and possible tablets. If you have a One M9 and you are getting tired of continue using HTC Sense, This interests you.

Varun, a XDA developer, has released a new beta of CyanogenMod 12.1 for the current flagship of HTC. Although there are some things that are not working properly, it is ready to install it in our terminal and enjoy a Lollipop experience without so many customizations or pre-installed applications.

Android stock with few changes

This version of Cyanogen is basically Android Lollipop with a few aesthetic modifications and some other application as themes to customize the appearance of the ROM. Fairly easy to Sense in appearance and with some other arrangement in performance with the Snapdragon 810.

That Yes, There are still things that don’t work quite right: the camera, USB OTG and radio but fortunately nothing serious. The camera will function if we find a compatible application in Google Play (the Cook of the ROM does not specify what apps work well). The radio will not be available ever since One M9 does not support and support for OTG is underway.

The installation process is the classic: We do One M9 root, install him TWRP and Flash the ROM, we waited a few minutes to restart and ready, we will have the mobile with CyanogenMod 12.1. This version is based on the HTC 5.0 kernel by version 5.1 when its creator making the consequent update.

If you don’t want to lose Sense and you want to try an interesting ROM, we advise that you give him an opportunity to ViperOne. It was one of the first to arrive at the One M9 and is, in essence, an improved version of the software that makes HTC by default their mobile: more light, updated to 5.1 and with many performance bugs corrected. You will find it here.