11 Ultimate Tips For Stress-Free Christmas

The run-up to Christmas and the holidays can be stressful. Gifts want to be procured, want cookies in the oven, and Moreover, the entire family has announced. It’s especially important to keep calm and to keep the stress to a necessary minimum. We have prepared 11 ultimate tips for stress-free Christmas , with which it comes guaranteed with a smile on the lips by the wonderful time of the year.

11 Ultimate Tips For Stress-Free Christmas

1. engage the magic of Christmas

Do your best to get into the Christmas spirit. Get out the Christmas decorations, dig your reindeer sweater out of the closet and wear it with dignity!

2. practice makes perfect!

Stand in front of a mirror and practice respond to unwanted gifts. For example: “Oh wow, reindeer socks!” They fit perfectly to my reindeer jumper… Thank you so much!”

3. the first impression counts!

This also applies to gifts. It is therefore a particularly small or cheap gift, then use a large box. That gives the receiver at least 30 seconds with (pre) joy. Joy, which can substitute for no money in the world.

4. make your parents happy

Scratchcards are literally always a win as a gift for your grandparents.

5. when all strands break!

You have done everything and feel still stressed out? Relax! Put your feet up and enjoy one or maybe two Christmas treats! Holidays are finally facing the door.

6 Upcycling of old drawer contents

Need a last minute gift and all the stores have already closed? Then remains only the views in the own drawers! Take advantage of the moment to muck out again! Your entire unused stuff can be a great gift for someone else. All beautifully packaged you are spontaneously well prepared on the gift delivery.

7. Please do not disturb!

Spontaneous visitors are happy times unannounced during the Christmas season on the doorstep – make the Bell and the mobile phone, advance a visit with Grandma as an excuse and enjoy the peace and quiet.

8 moved is not repealed

To having to obey not every invitation: move the visit on the new year and give an incentive such as E.g. “Let us toast to the new year but then!” the whole.

9 tastes are different

Have you received a gift that you don’t like? No problem. Give it just keep on!

10 keep calm and not to listen!

So you leave not wrathful time “Last Christmas” the Office after the 100th, ear plugs are a good idea. (Or if the annoying colleague submits your Christmas gift list, which has already bought it and what is still pending.)

11 not making inventive

No wrapping paper in the House? Then look at what holds your kitchen drawer! Parchment paper or aluminum foil under the Christmas tree are definitely an eye-catcher!

Finally it remains only to tell me: enjoy your gingerbread and close your loved one in your arms! If you are still looking for the ideal gift, check out our gift selection at andyeducation.com. What is your tip for the Christmas season?