11 Benefits of Swimming

I knew that in an hour of swimming, you can lose more than 600 calories? It is time to go get the bathing suit, cap and goggles. The swimming pool standby-o.

11 Benefits of Swimming

We’ve all heard about the benefits of swimming are numerous and that is the exercise more complete with huge benefits to the body.

Not only because the resistance of the water works the muscles without realizing, without effort and without aggression, also because the concentration required in each movement and breath is deep and rhythmic are the right ingredients for a state of total relaxation.
1. Swimming is ideal for anyone regardless of their age, condition and physical ability. Are the elderly, pregnant women, infants, the obese, the young, men and women, there is a place for everyone.

2. In the water feels lighter, so the pressure on the spine and joints is less than in other exercises. The moves get more amplitude, the lumbar muscles relax at the same time that they develop other that tend to be forgotten.

3. Swimming requires great concentration, so it is the perfect exercise to improve motor coordination.

4. In the water, the body becomes lighter, so the muscles don’t feel so much pressure, the joints and muscles are more relaxed and protected, which prevents injury and relieves the pain.

5. Another of the benefits of swimming (and perhaps some of the most important) is to help increase the muscle mass and decreases fat. Each armful the heart gets stronger and there is less risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it enhances and stimulates the immune system.

6. The lungs depend on the ability of the muscles thorax. Swimming tones and strengthens the diaphragm and all the muscles in thorax, thus strengthening the main muscle that helps us breathe. With lungs stronger, our breathing capacity is higher.

7. The power relaxing in the water is evident. When we are tense or tired, after a shower we left invigorated. Within water, the whole is more lightweight, quiet and peaceful: the perfect place to unwind and free yourself from the stress.

8. Practice any exercise, but especially the swimming, which keep the arteries in good condition, it balances the values of cholesterol, triglycerides and diabetes.

9. Within water, your body weighs 10% of your actual weight. It is for this reason that swimming is perfect to train the joints stuck, sore muscles or in cases of a diagnosis of arthritis, fibromyalgia or overweight.

10. Water is twelve times denser than air, therefore, the resistance of the water produces is ideal for toning the muscles, get stronger and slim body.

11. Recent studies have found that a person who does regular exercise, have greater physical fitness than someone twenty years younger who do not do any exercise. Being the swimming one of the exercises most recommended for the elderly, is the best friend to hang aging.