10 Tips for Dressing Well

Elegance In First Place

Elegance is not on the label of the clothing you wear, but the way in which you compose your looks. There are parts that don’t allow you to make mistakes because they are classic and will always look good on almost all women. To dress well, you must know how to use the pieces to enhance your body, but it doesn’t happen by using super short dresses and righteous. To achieve the title of a well dressed woman, must be elegant and demure just right. Of course everyone can wear a dress, skirt or blouse booby, but always with modesty and common sense.

Clue number 1 to be a well-dressed woman is: sin no by exaggeration. Short, fair and low-cut dress is not beautiful, quite the opposite of what many women think today is vulgar. To wear a short dress? All right, but rather a soft neckline and cut straighter or broad. And so do the rest. Bra-tions? Long gown and loose. Exact? The knees and neckline. This is the rule. All at the same time.

Tip 2: choose the classic. Who gets hurt? If in doubt choose and work.

Tip 3: the classic is about more than the colors, but also to the models. A good jeans, the kind that leave your body with everything in place and goes well with all their shoes, from the high to the creeping and sandals slippers. It is indispensable.

Tip 4: what goes better with a basic jeans than a basic white shirt? Nothing. Here at Fun-wiki you can get more different models of the fashion. Why have a powerful inside the Cabinet, either cotton or silk, that is super trendy and it is extremely elegant.

Tip 5: as I said, the clothing should enhance your body, so use them in your size. No buying pants smaller than you or blouse, nobody wants to see a zipper for help and about to explode. If you’re 40 size, use 40 and assume nothing of wanting to enter the jeans 38.

Tip 6: use your clothes with elegance, nothing more inappropriate than an open blouse in addition to should, or the bra strap showing up, panties coming off the waistband, zipper open and so on. Have composure.

Tip 7: always look your adéque to the environment in which it will be used. If you were invited to a barbecue, very informal, with friends of your boyfriend, nothing up the leap of 15 cm and put the “bandage” dress. Prefer a medium heel, casual dress or a pair of jeans with a nice blouse, but nothing over the top.

Tip 8: always have a survival kit in the bag. Hair brush, lipstick and you need to keep the makeup in place.

Tip 9: always have the basic black shoe closet, it will be worth for many occasions.

Tip 10: to be elegant and always be well dressed, whether classical, well-behaved and always wear the right outfit for every occasion. Don’t go overboard in necklines, lengths and models.