10 Great Achievements Of Women With Curves In 2014

Curvys of the world, I tell you and I say: 2014 WAS OUR YEAR. The best? 2015 promises much more!

Curves Felices was born just at the time when the world began to be much more friendly with the curves of female bodies . Because it is a fact that better times for fat women , plus size , extra size or whatever we want to call us.

In my opinion, it is a battle won by millions of girls around the world who joined the Body Positive movement and who fought to break down established stereotypes in which beauty comes only in small sizes of clothing , Cellulite , as well as a certain amount of pounds . I am convinced that this 2014 was a year of victories that we should celebrate together, because thanks to women who love and feel proud of their body , like you and me, is that REALLY is changing the concept of beauty at an international level .

How do I know? For all that is happening in the world around the curvy subject. Plus size models that are gaining more ground in a world dominated by size zero ; Magazines that have said “no” to Photoshop ; And more and more famous that proud-boast their curves in the red carpets.

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But let’s talk about specific facts. Here I leave this account of the best moments of 2014 for women with curves :

1. Candice Huffine becomes the first plus size model to appear on the Pirelli calendar

Alongside top models like Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana and Natalia Vondinova, Candice Huffine was part of the ” Pirelli girls ” for her 2015 calendar . This was a HUGE step for the curvy industry , as it is the first time that a plus size model is part of this select group of models.

2. Vogue officially opens “The Age of Big Booty”

In an article published on September 9, Vogue magazine officially opened through its website “The Age of Big Butts ” . In this text written by the columnist Patricia García, it was spoken of the recently released video of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Big Booty , song that refers to the bulky pomps; In addition to mention other famous that have become fashionable this trend as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

3. The first Plus Size catwalk is held at London Fashion Week

Although there is a London Fashion Weekend Plus Size for seven years, this event is independent of what happens at London Fashion Week , one of the most important in the world. This year, however, a catwalk with clothes and plus size models was held for the first time in this “official” event, to name a few. The EVANS Extra Size Store , which has more than 300 branches within the UK and Ireland, was responsible for carrying it out with great success, thus making history.


4. The song of Meghan Trainor All about that base was the most heard in 2014

No doubt this was the year of Meghan Trainor . To say that his roll All about that bass was a hitazo, is to stay short. ALL and we all chant it; And in saying all, I mean everyone, including Justin Bieber , who uploaded a video to his Instagram in which he sings and dances the choir of this song. But that’s not all, recently Youtube made a list of the most heard in 2014 and guess who’s coming … exact, Meghan Trainor.Good for her, I think she’s super talented.

5. Forever21 arrives in Mexico with its Plus Size line

And for Mexican curvys , in 2014 Forever21 arrived in the streets of downtown and south of Mexico City with its line of extra sizes . Of course, it was not that Forever21 had been before, in fact the first store that opened was Interlomas, but it did not bring its plus size section. It was amazing to have been invited to both inaugurations as VIP guest and to have been able to make a shooting with her clothes that, moreover, is beautiful.

6. Big modeling agencies start signing plus size models

This year the IMG modeling agency , one of the most important in the world, began to sign (ie hire) extra size models . This is a huge step, because to give you an idea, this is the agency that represents models like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss , to mention a few, so seeing Ashley Graham and Ladybug Pring in Vogue magazine, Is because both are hired by this agency.

7. Large size Bras in Vogue

It is not the first time that a model plus size appears in the pages of Vogue , however it is the first time that a photo shoot focused on large size bras . Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn , Candice Huffine, among others, were the protagonists of a shooting called “Because the best lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes”, which was a true ode to the most real beauty with beautiful women and with curves .


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8. The false polemic of the “Plus Size” model of Calvin Klein

Surely they remember that not long ago a break was built around the Calvin Klein brand and model Myla Dalbesio , which had been described as plus size , when in fact it is obvious that it is not. It all started when she gave an interview to Elle magazine where she said she was very happy that CK included more real size models (because it is worth mentioning that Myla is the “bigger” model that maca has had) Some interpreted his words as if he had said that the campaign was aimed at plus size women .

Then everyone jumped and complained that Calvin Klein put Myla as an extra size model , but the truth is that it was not so and everything was a confusion. At least, what is salvageable is that CK is expanding its sizes and we know, even if it has been in the midst of a controversy.

9. Create the first “Barbie” in real proportions, with acne and stretch marks

Nickolay Lamm creates in 2014 Lammily , the first doll type Barbie , with real proportions and sticky patterns in the form of granites, freckles or stretch marks. It costs $ 25 and its intention is to reach out to girls to create real expectations about female beauty .


10. Create the first plus size magazine in England

I am very proud that in Mexico there is a project like Vivan las Curvas . It is a bimonthly and very complete supplement for the curvy girls of the magazine Veintitantos , which I adore and in which I had the fortune to collaborate for several years . This supplement was pioneer of the curvy movement in Mexico and even in the world because apeeenas this 2014 created in England the first curvy magazine , when in Mexico this supplement has many years. Perhaps what the editors of Vivan need to do is take the next step and turn it into a magazine.

And well, this was the most important count in the curvy world of 2014 . What was your favorite moment? Discuss me through the comments below or in social networks :

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I still do not say goodbye, I need one more ticket for this 2014 that is SUPER SPECIAL .I ask you to be very aware because there is something VERY BIG for this blog.

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