1 Fashion Classics, 3 Outfit Formulas: What a Light Blue Blouse Can

* Sponsored post – a blouse is a fashion classic, which is included in many wardrobes. A light blue blouse is just even a fashion trend. But many women find boring or somehow too conservative a classic business blouse. It must not be. Because a blouse can be combined so many ways that you can integrate them into different outfits.

When the company Sophisticut asked me to demonstrate the diverse applicability of a classic business blouse, the ambition got to me. What outfits can be so, that can be worn on different occasions? And what styles can be implemented so that?

I found three favorite looks – by androgynous, feminine up to the casual easy chic. So I would like to demonstrate today you, as a light blue blouse for Office, leisure and party can be styled completely differently. And there are also three outfit formulas for subsequent styling…

A light blue blouse is trendy and brings freshness in each outfit.

The light blue blouse from Sophisticut – a brand that I have placed you here once to the heartis based on my thoughts. Because the blouses of Sophisticut can be ordered in different breast sizes and hem lengths. Thus women with big breasts and big women can find finally blouses that fit. Thereby, the cut of the blouses… actually is very simple, fitted and classic – ideal for the Business Look.

Although there are white and black blouse in the neutral colors, I decided for the today’s demonstration for light blue . Because these blouses color is just in line with the trend and can a touch of freshness in the dark winter months and spring in an outfit conjure. And who could use a little more freshness to the face in the pale season?

In addition to this, that is just light blue surprisingly well with many other colors – not only with neutral colors – compatible. And I can also show that a fashion classic by an unusual combination of colors to the eye-catcher can mutate.

The light blue blouse for the Office: the business formula for androgynous, feminine and casual styles.

The first kind of the styling, in which I want to introduce a light blue blouse, is the business formula. In doing so, I use mainly the structured and rigorous shares of the blouse and Earth the light blue with a neutral business colors, such as black, gray, dark blue or dark brown. But also the combination with white and beige would be possible – for the warmer months.

The players:

To the light blue blouse, several pieces of clothing can be combined in the Office environment, which are typical for business attire:

  • a narrow Pant suit,
  • a further cut trouser suit Mr style
  • a men’s trousers / jackets/West combination,
  • a culotte-jackets/West combination or
  • a rock-Blazer/West combination, preferably with a pencil skirt.

Business version 1: strict pur androgynous

In the first version, a narrow or further cut trouser suit is combined with the blouse. A strict, pure look, insert the blouse in the waistband and contribute no belt. If you are using a fully buttoned through blouse instead of the Sophisticut blouse, you can also to button the blouse up to the neck and let the look even more.

To combine lace-up shoes in the style of Mr and abstain from jewelry – up to a wrist watch in men’s sizes.

Business version 2: feminine classic conservative

You can wear a narrow trouser suit or a combination of pencil skirt and tailored Blazer with light blue blouse. Insert the blouse in the waist, which can be quite decorated with a pretty leather belt. In the neckline of her blouse placing either a soft to medium sized necklace or a silk scarf. Of course a statement necklace may carry more dramatic style types.

The choice of shoes is important: Classic pumps or ankle booties with spitzer or mandelförmiger Cap – both with some heel – are a good choice. Also, a ring, a fine, noble watch and a bracelet made of precious metal underline the feminine classic look of looks.

Business version 3: casual sporty relaxed

In the Office, it may be sometimes casual. Then the typical business classic be used though, but in loose cuts and the casual layered look. Fit the far diced trouser suit, but also a more pants Mr tore a culotte and to a biker style jacket made of fabric or a vest. The light blue blouse is worn loosely over the Federal Government and far buttoned up so that a tight top among them is visible.

Consistently complete white sneakers this outfit. As well as a long chain with a pendant that oscillates somewhere between breast and belly button. A sports watch and also a leather strap completes the look and give also sporty casual flair. The look says: structured, but totally relaxed.

The light blue blouse for leisure: a casual formula for easy chic.

The second way to integrate a light blue blouse, in an outfit is the casual casual look in the easy chic. While the combinations can take completely different stylistic impressions. So a blouse to the sporty chic, to the preppy style, chic equally contributes to the marine look or to the rock.

This is important especially as the blouse styled with sleeves rolled up, raised collar, in the layered look or in the “helped tuck”, inserted only halfway in the League. So its structure is broken up and it appears instantly relaxed.

Depending on customize the color compositions: from the classic denim look with white or beige Brown accents, over outfits in the typical white-red-blue stripes accented up outfits with lots of black and leather, anything is possible.

The players:

Combination partners are above all jeans for the casual look of course the typical casual player, in all shapes and colors. This fashion basics define the look of leisure:

  • Boyfriend jeans (with “distressed” elements),
  • Slim, black or dark blue jeans,
  • black leather leggings,
  • Black Jogpants,
  • Knit in different thickness,
  • Long Cardigan,
  • Biker jacket,
  • Blazer Tweed or other structured material or
  • Short coat in the Blazer – and military – marine style.

Leisure version 1: sporty-urban-unisex

The first outfit that seems to mind when I think of a leisure suit with blouse, is a quite typical layered look that can be worn so similar to both women and men. It corresponds to the trend towards the urban unisex fashion and could pass almost as one-sided. Only the quality of the individual components and tiny details make the difference.

A light blue blouse over the waistband is worn with a light blue boyfriend jeans in the used look. In comes a bright knit in off-white, wool white, light beige or light gray so that collar and hem the blouse remain visible. Alternatively, you can replace the sweater with a long Cardigan. Then you can decide whether you plug the blouse in the Covenant, in addition in the half Tuck or want to wear all over the waistband. Depending how you decide a great jeans belt is visible or not.

And another variant is generated with a Jogpants instead of boyfriend jeans. Instead of jeans belt, the typical tunnel DrawString is then to see. Also a very casual style!

Sneakers or slip-ons, but also any kind of bawdy boots or ankle boots, for example, in the military – or trekking style, can be worn to this look.

Leisure version 2: happy and running maritime

The light blue blouse is suitable as a refreshing partner for the classic marine look of white, blue and Red. The style is varies some, loosened up and enriched by the light blue. To require a narrow, dark blue jeans, wearing the light blue blouse over and combine either a red sweater in the layered look with white and blue Ringelschal or a blue-and-white striped sweater to do this with a red scarf. Instead of red scarf of course a red handbag or an additional red jacket to look would be possible.

Complete this look with red slipper sailing shoes-style, red booties or sneakers with red accents and you can stand even in the colder season in Lake – figuratively speaking.

By the way: A jacket or a coat in dark blue in the naval or military style fits perfectly with this look.

Leisure version 3: simple boyish Rocky

A light blue blouse can lighten a black rock-chic. To do this, you combine a narrow, black jeans and a black leather leggings with a light blue blouse worn over the Bund. Then throw a Biker jacket in either, combine the whole thing with a male-inspired Glencheck – or Tweed Blazer, or just quite simply complement the black light blue duo with a short coat in the style of Mr.

To fit rock booties with buckles and studs, but also sporting chucks or slipper. Stylish companions are a long chain with a pendant or a long scarf, voluminous placed around his neck.

The light blue blouse for the party: the glamour formula for trendy evening styles.

A little more challenging is to style the light blue blouse for your evening pleasure, and subject to a little bit of your personal style. Because the structure and formality of the blouse must be loosened up much impetus and glamour. To own are unusual color combinations as well as unusual cuts and breaks in style. In short: to make fine evening a light blue blouse, you need a real statement piece of clothing as combination partner.

However: the little black dress, a cocktail dress or even an evening robe can never replace an outfit with light blue blouse. Can dispute still a cinema or theatre visit, a dinner in the restaurant or a party invitation from friends in it.

I personally find it interesting a color combination of black and light blue for the evening, but would plead for more dramatic and more modern effects for a color combination of blue with jewel colors, such as Ruby or emerald green. Especially if some velvet in the game is…

The players:

The typical decorative elements and materials for evening wear should respawn in the combination partners of the light blue blouse. I recorded the following items of clothing in my outfit suggestions:

  • a ladies evening Tuxedo with waisted Tuxedo Jacket,
  • a Ruby velvet trouser suit or a red, fitted velvet Blazer (alternative: Emerald green),.
  • a patterned Palazzo pants or a pant pajama-style silk, both as far as possible with the accent color,.
  • a narrow 7/8 trousers, Brocade, also crossed with accent color in the pattern or with metallic threads,
  • a wide swinging, patterned MIDI skirt gladly with pleats or
  • a black MIDI pencil skirt made of lace or black leather.

Evening version 1: Classic androgynes understatement

In this version, the light blue blouse is easily combined with a black women’s Tuxedo. Plugged in my pants, very classic. So, although not gala fair, but at least elegant styled the tuxedo.

It does fit in: lace pumps and, if you are the type of style for this – a statement necklace in the snippet. If you would like to add more Androgyny and something brave, then access to silver slip-ons instead of pumps and simply omit all other jewelry. However, do not wear a simple, square, silver clutch.

Night version 2: strictly feminine interplay

In this version, wear a narrow 7/8 Brocade pants with red-based Web pattern or with metallic effects, the light blue blouse into the Federal, and add either the tuxedo Blazer or the Red Velvet Blazer.

This black pumps are used. Also, a necklace with Ruby-colored stones in the snippet would be great to do this.

In a variation of this outfit, you can replace the Brocade pants against a vast Palazzo or Pajama pants made of silk. Also in this case the pattern should include but at least light blue accents to connect colour is created. This feminine silk pants, pumps or sandals in metallic color fit perfectly.

Evening version 3: feminine sexy with style

In this variant, just wear the light blue blouse to a statement-rock and to add evening shoes, XXL-Collier and luxury clutch. As a rock for this variation a wide swinging MIDI silk skirt with a pattern and metallic elements, a MIDI – pleated skirt made of metallic material or a sharp-cut pencil skirt Black Lace and black, fine nappa leather seats.

The shoes must in this version very elegant and sexy , so for example, pointy patent leather pumps or metallic ankle Stilettos. It’s work but also very sexy lace-up ankle boots with pointed CAP and narrow heel.

The light blue blouse with much glamour must be charged just for the evening looks. I admit but: A break in style is inevitable in this variant. And you must be the correct type of style . Myself could barely carry, for example, the variants with romantic and feminine details. And would probably only the leather skirt or the Damensmoking – but with metallic accessories – really good feel.

Extent to which the outfit shown here variations are so relevant to you, only you can decide. But I think it has become clear that even a “normal” light blue business blouse is highly changeable. And that it can be a reasonable combination partner in any case on several occasions.

If you put together your next capsule wardrobe so, for example, for leisure or for evening activities, then you look easy, whether you find use for your business blouses is. Maybe get a positive surprise and come on combinations which you have not even thinking.

And one more tip at the end: the outfit variants shown above work well with black and white blouses hervorragend-out also if you must then change the color combinations easy. Namely, I’ve tried my favorite outfits with my black blouse by Sophisticut…

What outfit game do you like best? Which one would you like to try? And have maybe other permutations of the above outfit formulas that you want to add here? I’m looking forward!