Jil Sander FW Milan Fashion Week

Playing with volumes and with neon colors these are the key words of the new collection signed Handbagpicks proposal during Milan fashion week from JAWS for next spring-summer. The note will take a woman that maison mixes the strict minimalist style that distinguishes the brand with a desire to play with colors and shapes creating an eccentric style but at the same time sophisticated. Continue reading “Jil Sander FW Milan Fashion Week”

Smartphone for Children

Smartphone for children, yes or no? We see the 10 rules for use of the mobile by children and parents, under rules established by pediatricians.

The cultural Association of Pediatricians has signed with the society of doctors for the environment (ISDE – International Society of Doctors for the Environment) and APPLE (Association for the prevention and fight against ElectroSmog) 10 simple tips from PerComputer to the conscious use of the cell phone for children and for adults too! Continue reading “Smartphone for Children”

Best Connected Consumer Electronics Device

As every year, at the conclusion of the Mobile World Congress the Organizer GSMA announced the winners of the Awards Body 2016, the awards presented in each product category at the event in Barcelona.

The winners were announced during an official ceremony taken from Mobile World Live TVand presented by Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley.

“Our congratulations go to all the winners and nominees of the Awards Body GSMA this week at Mobile World Congress,” said GSMA CMO Michael O’Hara. “In what has been an extraordinarily wide field of more than 930 participants, reduced to 170 nominees, it was really an outstanding achievement to have been chosen by our panel of esteemed judges. We thank all our candidates, judges, sponsors and partners for supporting the Body 21° Awards “. Continue reading “Best Connected Consumer Electronics Device”

Emilio Pucci Fashion Show

Emilio Pucci brings her style at Milan fashion week, on the occasion of the catwalks for next spring-summer 2011. The fashion brand proposes a series of decidedly elegant creations, the young woman who loves to wear garments that are chic and very sophisticated. Clothing solutions definitely fashion, which will not go unnoticed, as certainly have not gone unnoticed the models who wore them during the brand’s runway show at Milan fashion week. Continue reading “Emilio Pucci Fashion Show”

Samsung SM-T585 Unveiled by GFXBench, First Tablet Manufacturer with SoC Exynos 7870

Samsung is reportedly working on a new tablet for midrange segment, the first to be equipped with the new SoC owner Exynos 7870 octa core realized with the advanced production process at 14nm Finfets, at least according to one of the first sightings through liuxers, which would have also unveiled the model SM-T585.

Contrary to what one might think, is not no variant tied to the next generation of tablet Galaxy Tab S3, seen already in past weeks with the SM-T719 and SM-T813, a completely new model therefore always linked to the Android world. Continue reading “Samsung SM-T585 Unveiled by GFXBench, First Tablet Manufacturer with SoC Exynos 7870″

Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show Spring Summer

Dolce and Gabbana raise their homage to women with an explosion of femininity is made of lace, embroidery and a white light and delicate that lit up the catwalk set up to bring the collection created for the spring-summer 2011 presented during Milan fashion week. A wonderful collection that confirms the creative genius of the two contemporary designers capable of making a classic detail such as lace.

It almost seems to find the right inspiration Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana have be enchanted by trunks than once where women kept the underwear that brought as a dowry. Between the two designers lace and wrap up in immaculate white, that both recalls that once women lingerie Ethereal and timeless. Continue reading “Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show Spring Summer”

Galaxy S7 May Have Two Different Camera Sensor

It seems that the new generation of flagship Samsung, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, to assemble two different photo sensors. As had happened to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and Edge Plus 5 Notes/S6, the two vendors are Sony and Samsung.

So far there was talk exclusively to Sony, and also both of our device we used for reviews montano IMX260 sensor, but on the Internet are increasing reports and screenshots demonstrating the presence of a Samsung ISOCELL. Continue reading “Galaxy S7 May Have Two Different Camera Sensor”

Emilio Pucci Milan Fashion Week

Emilio Pucci fashion parades on the catwalks of Milan fashion week for the spring-summer 2011, but also on the internet. Now the trend has been traced and are plenty of designers who have decided to widen the catchment area of their fashion runways for next summer. The fashion collections don’t parade solely on fashion runways more popular internationally, but also on the websites of the various fashion labels, so they can reach more fashion addicted possible. And Emilio Pucci proposes online its parade for Milano Moda Donna.

The fashion brand Emilio Pucci aligns itself to the trend of the moment, proposing its catwalks of Milan fashion week, scheduled for today, directly on the web. Continue reading “Emilio Pucci Milan Fashion Week”

Top 10 Most Beautiful Handbags

If there is one thing that pleases all in women are the bags! An essential accessory for every woman and also an object of the most desired. It is the normal shopper day, evening clutch or the top box, there are a thousand models for every need and preference. Every year, in fact, the designers create new beautiful bags but only some models are getting through fashions and seasons and become real it-bag: icon bags that never go out of style and that every woman would want in your wardrobe! Unfortunately it is not always possible because these icon bags have a price within the reach of all but dreaming does not cost anything!

So let’s see what are the 10 most beautiful and beloved vintage handbags of VintageWill who have made history:

1. Birkin bag

The bag icon to eccellezza is undoubtedly the Birkin bag by Hermès, a large bag from boho-chic flavor that is named Jane Birkin. The actress says she met the designer of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas during a Paris-London flight, and that these, seeing that Ms. Birkin could not put all his things in his bag Hermès, asked her to be able to borrow to make some changes.The bag was modified with the addition of a pocket and took the name Birkin bag  becoming one of the it-bag most desired of all time! The price varies depending on the model and the type of skin and ranges from a minimum of $ 6,000 up to $ 38,000. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Handbags”

Alcatel Android Smartphone

Alcatel introduces new, but already anticipated, Idol Idol 4 and 4S, with the new line 4 + 4 and POP POP. In the first case, Idol 4, midrange smartphone features an IPS display from 5.2 “Full HD, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 2/3 GB RAM octa core, depending on the variant, 16 GB of internal memory expandable, main camera from 16 Megapixels8 MegaPixel front both with LED flash, 2610 battery mAh and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The design is characterized by the adoption of a unibody aluminum body and curved glass, the latter both in front and rear, all contained in a thickness of just 6.9 mm. Continue reading “Alcatel Android Smartphone”

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer

Italian Enrico Coveri fashion label catwalk with his spring-summer 2011 during Milan fashion week. The fashion brand, conducted by Writingles, grandson of the great designer who founded the group, it was a protagonist in the days leading up to the start of Milan fashion week. Enrico Coveri fashion outside the roomfor differences of opinion on the drawing up of the final calendar of the catwalks: the brand did not want the parade on the last day possible. Hence the decision to pull out the calendar, with a unique show.

The new Enrico Coveri collection consists of basic garments , with geometric prints on light tones very hot trend next season. Strange for a fashion brand that has made the color its strength in all these years, but the trend is that brand aligns to what will be the fashion, with black and white polka dots that come to life on clothes that enhance the natural beauty of every woman. Continue reading “Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer”

Best Makeup for Tropical Vacation

Small tips for a perfect look during the holidays.

Every year more and the same question, as I prepare for the holidays? As for the look, I refer to the article of my very good colleague, while for make-up here I am ready to reveal some little secret of the trade. First we need to get a view that the holidays are real physical endurance tests, so our makeup has to be ready for any eventuality. So definitely I recommend a foundation long lasting, that can take up to whack ‘bitter.

A must have for the holidays in my opinion are the glitter. Many women consider them tacky, but when you can sfoggiarli except in a sbrilluccicosa occasion such as Christmas / New Year?? Is it enough emphasizes a hairline lash line , a volumizing and curling mascara to eyelashes from real cat and bare lips, a flesh-colored, or just a gloss. We concentrated on the eyes do not want to look like mica Platinette!!! Continue reading “Best Makeup for Tropical Vacation”

Enrico Coveri Fashion Show

Enrico Coveri is outside the Chamber of fashion , and then from the official calendar of Milan fashion week, but by no means renouncing to present its line of women’s fashion on the occasion of the Festival fashion these days is taking place in the city of Milan. After various controversies, not only by this brand, but many other fashion brands, which did not like the decisions made by the top Fashion House, tomorrow, Saturday, 25 September, Enrico Coveri pull ‘ in Milan. And we at our site we will follow the event for you.

Before the controversy over the inclusion of Enrico Coveri xxl clothing show on the final day of Milan fashion week, with an official press release in which he explained the reasons for the abandonment of the Chamber of fashion, to managing and understanding problems between the Group and the organization. Continue reading “Enrico Coveri Fashion Show”

Tips for Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a key detail of the wedding, full of meaning and value. They must be chosen carefully, based on the personal tastes of the bride and groom, try and, if necessary, create customized. Here are some tips for choosing the best way possible the fateful wedding rings!


Wedding rings are critical and, since the eye wants its part, must be chosen with care and according to your personal taste. If what you find in jewelry does not satisfy you, keep looking: the faiths are a crucial detail and should like it and please aesthetically.

Typically, to choose the best wedding rings, they take into account the following parameters:

Continue reading “Tips for Choosing Wedding Rings”

What Makeup Does Kim Kardashian Use

Ehealthfacts: its symmetrical face and super sculpted, his eyes sexy and magnetic, massive and flawless lips. Here’s how to make a make-up to her inspired.

Perfectly symmetrical face, classic sexy doe eyes, full lips and flawless make-up: This is Kim Kardashian, famous in America, not in Italy. Not having the symmetrical face and doe eyes sexy I tried to steal the only thing I could: the make up!
Long ago ran on the web a photo of the base of his make-up, a very pronounced contouring achieved before putting on foundation. This technique is so good for sculpting the face, thanks to the contrasts between light and shadow, and gives to it a radiant appearance. Continue reading “What Makeup Does Kim Kardashian Use”

Blugirl Milan Fashion Week

Blugirl fashion brand brings to the catwalk at Milan fashion week its interesting collection for spring-summer 2011, dedicated to young women who want to show off an impeccable style, colorful, cool, sparkling, but elegant and chic at the same time. On the catwalks of Milan fashion week, the fashion brand thinks a range of clothing and Accessories absolutely irresistible: the models parading with a smile on his lips, no sulks when wearing something designer labels with the PetsInclude maternity fashion brand.

Continue reading “Blugirl Milan Fashion Week”

Makeup Facebook Pages

Now that the different social networks have taken importance in our lives as much as the cool water, everyone makes the most different uses. For those who share their passions and interests,”easier” forum are born to manage and even those who use it to gain publicity.

For example the last point we speak on health-beauty-guides. The more it goes on, the more there is the need to advertise in many different ways, because the usual TV ads, posters or large around the city, now do not attract nearly as. And why not do it through social networks? Continue reading “Makeup Facebook Pages”

Love Sex Money Fashion Show

Love Sex Money fashion label catwalk during Milan fashion week, spring/summer 2011 collection with a vintage flavor. The trend for next summer was now dictated: many fashion brands have proposed on their catwalks a style that comes straight from the 1970s. Each, however, chose a different mood: for her fashion collection presented in Milan, Legalarmist, designer fashion brand, decided to be guided by the 1970s Americans.

The new fashion collection of fashion brands Love Sex Money, who paraded in the days of the Milan fashion week, proposes a series of garments with long straight lines, with bosses who discover the body of women covering it. The fashion line also takes inspiration from the creative inspiration of Kandinsky, for a fashion line decidedly basic, easy to wear. Continue reading “Love Sex Money Fashion Show”

Makeup Color Trends Summer

You love natural makeup or whatever decided, here’s how to have beautiful lips and fashionable.
This spring, the makeup artist there offering all the colors!

We are talking about the lips, of course.

Whatever your style, you are sure you will find what suits you. And then you are ready to review the fashion trends make-up of summer just around the corner? Continue reading “Makeup Color Trends Summer”

Antonio Marras Milan Fashion Week

On the third day of the fashion shows of Milan fashion week for the spring-summer 2011, the fashion brand Antonio Marras offered its line of women’s fashion. The cloakroom of the House thinks a series of glamour and fashion creations, which will be part of a wardrobe full of trends and must haves that no woman will be underestimated if going to dress up in an absolutely perfect. In our picture gallery, here are some shots that come to us from the catwalks of Milan fashion week.

The designer of the fashion brand, at Milano Moda Donna, offers us a fashion collection for next spring-summer 2011, made garments by shade on. The prints are reminiscent of the spring, with flowers blooming a bit-everywhere. The patchwork with different fabrics and colors makes these creations quite appealing. Continue reading “Antonio Marras Milan Fashion Week”

Makeup for Tired Looking Eyes

You have the small hours? We explain how to erase the signs of lack of rest in a few moves.

Having a fresh and rested appearance is important for all women.

Research conducted last January in England has even shown that women concerned about the tired and worn skin are more numerous than those who crucciano for weight.

Do, however small hours, it happens to all: it’s for love, for a newborn child, for some thought that there is no rest or simply for a prolonged evening a little ‘more than usual, the result does not change. Continue reading “Makeup for Tired Looking Eyes”

Moschino Cheap and Chic Fashion Show

The Moschino Cheap & Chic show closes the fourth day of Milan fashion week: tomorrow, in fact, starting at 20.30 will be the catwalk of fashion brand, which we will propose its Womenswear collection for next spring-summer 2011. A collection of young, fresh fashion, he knows perfectly embody the style of this fashion brand, which always gives us great emotions. And that too on the catwalks of Milan fashion week will enchant us with his creations. We at our site we will be there for you…

During the fashion shows of Insurancejust fashion week, Moschino Cheap & Chic young brand also wants to speak his mind on trends and must haves. On Saturday, at the end of a day intensively for the calendar of Milan fashion week, will end with the brand. Continue reading “Moschino Cheap and Chic Fashion Show”

Wedding Socks and Underwear

In the bustle of the wedding the bride should think about many details: the dress, hairstyle, shoes, makeup. The list is endless. Everything should be nice and full. But she could not forget the things which are hidden from the attention of other people and, nevertheless, it should please the most loved and desired audience – future wife. Therefore lingerie for the bride should put a step on the importance of wedding dress.

Continue reading “Wedding Socks and Underwear”