AV Receiver Harman AVR 760

In the heights of carefully Bumble and untenrum powerful rich: Also in surround acted Harman AVR 760 (2,500 euros) as a sympathetic bear.

  1. AV receiver Harman AVR 760
  2. Data sheet

First of all, the new Harman introduces the HiFiisten who wants to short time connect a CD player, and “listen”, puzzles. Back to find only with “analog 1″ up to “5” labeled stereo inputs and front no input selector. Then he presses without result on “Menu” and then it inevitably engages the manual. That tells him that calls these tipsters USB and Ethernet source and that he must set up CD via “AVR”. At this time, ran a monitor which shows the beautiful graphics of control should at the latest. And then there is a submenu test (while in the still silence every now and again, a fan is audible), whether the dynamic brake Dolby volume on all (!) “out” is available. Continue reading “AV Receiver Harman AVR 760″

Google Play Announces Its Festival of Independent Games for September 24

Google Play Premiere festival of independent games, the first edition of the Indie Games Festival will the escape be perfect for that independent developers they can show the public their Games, and on Saturday will take place 24 September in the Terra Gallery of San Francisco.

In the first edition of Google Play Indie Games Festival only eligible developers United States and Canada that have been published on Google Play a independent game from 1 January 2016 or who will do so before the end of the year. Continue reading “Google Play Announces Its Festival of Independent Games for September 24″

Learn How To Choose The Right Models Of Glasses For You

Choose a pair of glasses requires time and a willingness to try out various models until you reach the ideal. A lot of people don’t have the patience to choose the proper frame, hates to use the attachment and use contact lenses or use the glasses to indispensable situations, such as reading or go to the movies.  Continue reading “Learn How To Choose The Right Models Of Glasses For You”

AV Receiver Onkyo TX NR 5007

Super plastic, great perspective and cool: When the surround the Onkyo TX NR 5007 (2,500 euros) stood out even further by the smaller brother of 3007.

  1. AV receiver Onkyo TX NR 5007
  2. Data sheet

As regards the facilities, there was at the big new Onkyo compared to the highlight TX equipped already with nine installation amplifiers NR much increasing 3007 of the January issue. In principle it was ultra 2 plus Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX height and wide even at the same, rich laden Digital board with the three audio DSPs by THX everything front and back process. But now came an eighth HDMI input. Continue reading “AV Receiver Onkyo TX NR 5007″

Samsung Touchwiz Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Samsung is-like other smartphone manufacturers also-for the fact that they are using theAndroid OS its own user interface to adjust the operation to their own system. In the case of the South Koreans it is TouchWiz. By the beginning of next year, Samsung smartphones will receive their update on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. So far, the new OS was only seen on the previously not available in Germany Galaxy Note 5. But how do the changes for TouchWiz look under the new Android version and when can we expect the update? Continue reading “Samsung Touchwiz Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow”

Should Google Control over The Applications of Google Play?

When at Google the bright purchased the company which by then was called came up Android Inc, perhaps never imagined that they had made what could be the purchase of the century. Today, the operating system is an ecosystem that is much larger than what we can come to understand, and the big G has put much effort in it every time better. Continue reading “Should Google Control over The Applications of Google Play?”

Speaker Cable Atlas Cables Ascend 2.0 MK II.

The Atlas cables Ascend 2.0 MK II (810 EURO) is recommended with its sound tendency for more bass-heavy chains,.

  1. Speaker cable Atlas cables Ascend 2.0 MK II.
  2. Data sheet

Expectations were high: had cleared in the issue 11/07 Atlas cables and highlights galore with its cheaper creations. So we were curious to see what do the Scots in their topline. For the Ascend 2.0, the Scots were economical and took a delicate cross section of 2 mm2, think but gave high-purity copper, which is manufactured in the Ohno continuous casting process. The individual wires they evenly concentric positioned so as to as close as possible together. This reduces the inductance and an extended frequency response. Continue reading “Speaker Cable Atlas Cables Ascend 2.0 MK II.”

Sony Xperia Z6 With WQHD Display

With the exception of the Xperia Z5 Premium , Sony has invariably used displays with a full-HD resolution in the past. Only the most recent model received a 4K resolution for certain applications and data. Now the XperiaBlog reports that Leaks from Japan could point to a change of tradition with the Xperia Z6. Will the new generation of smartphones from Sony be equipped with a WQHD display in the future? Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z6 With WQHD Display”

Google Play: Three Deadlines for Requesting The Return of an Application and How to Do It

Google It has updated its help page to explain in detail its policy of Returns & refunds on Google Play detailing for the first time in detail the different deadlines that the user has to request the refund of an application or integrated purchase.

In total we have three periods to request a refund for a purchase, and in each of them the return is done differently. They are as follows: Continue reading “Google Play: Three Deadlines for Requesting The Return of an Application and How to Do It”

How to Use the Concealer

Concealer camouflages dark circles and small skin imperfections, so it is essential to always have it in the cosmetic bag and purse. There are more than correctors variants: the stick indicated for those who have a youthful skin, the liquid suitable for the more mature skin and with some rughetta more, or the powder, even in the mineral version, suitable for the most oily skin and to cover dark circles not too obvious. But not only that, the checker also has many other uses that affect the make up, such as giving light to the face, make it lit a lipstick or eyeliner to correct the line. 

Continue reading “How to Use the Concealer”

Speaker Cable LS 16 Silent Wire

The silent wire LS 16 (1000 Euro) is highly recommended for chains, which sound rather superficially and directly.

  1. Speaker cable LS 16 silent wire
  2. Data sheet

Silent wire focuses on continuity and takes over the building when the LS 16 with cross-connected wires, winding around a polyethylene tube, from the LS 12 (10/09). However, it has made changes in critical locations. So, the number of wires – as the name suggests – has grown to 16, which gives a cross section of 4 mm2 16 LS. Continue reading “Speaker Cable LS 16 Silent Wire”

Will Google Play Comes to The Chromebooks End Up Absorbing Android to Chrome OS?

Today Google has confirmed that since a few weeks ago it was an open secret, Google Play comes to Chrome OS. The Chromebooks You can install more than one million applications and Android games.

Since a couple of years ago, Chrome OS began tontear with the support of Android applications, allowing you to download officially a few applications, but have now gone one step further with the integration of the Google Play Store Now you can download any application and Android game. Continue reading “Will Google Play Comes to The Chromebooks End Up Absorbing Android to Chrome OS?”

WireWorld Equinox 6 Speaker Cable

The WireWorld Equinox 6 (1050 euro) more clearly worked out even subtle musical phrasing; Tutti passages worked less and more clearly.

  1. WireWorld Equinox 6 speaker cable
  2. Data sheet

On superficial inspection, it looks like WireWorld-Chef David Salz have simply missed a gray PVC sheath the OASIS 6 (10/08) and renamed it the Equinox 6. But it isn’t, because the more expensive brother has the same design – four PE-insulated conductors with 18 wires, which are each other and squirm in PVC – although, the used wires with 0.35 mm instead of 0.4 mm delicate are but remarkable way. This leads at the Equinox 6 to a cross-section of 3.5 mm2 while the OASIS 6 has proud 4.6 mm2. Continue reading “WireWorld Equinox 6 Speaker Cable”

Asus Transformer Prime Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3

Given the unique opportunity to get your hands on the brand new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime (If you missed the unboxing rush to see it!) we could not fail to fully test the side of gaming new jewel ASUS, Nvidia, Tegra 3 Soc supports the now famous quadcore (although they are actually 5 core) which allows you to enjoy additional visualizations and you will see in the very near future the arrival of new titles optimized.

Continue reading “Asus Transformer Prime Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3″

You Can Share The Applications as Shopping in Google Play with Up to 6 Family

We already know for months different initiatives from Google so you can share your shopping with your family, as the family plan for Google Play Música or newer family plan for Google Play applications. We now have more information of this library ‘ ia family via Google Developer documentation.

The family library is a method by which a family can share payment applications from up to 6 members, buying a single copy and in a few reasonable limits Google will use to prevent abuse of the system. Continue reading “You Can Share The Applications as Shopping in Google Play with Up to 6 Family”