How to Decorate Your Room Vintage

Have you ever seen stock photos and pictures about vintage decoration which are incredibly perfect? We have an idea that can make them much more real to you.

Although the lighting is a simple factor, it makes all the difference in the production of these images. So, we brought some tips about lamps and vintage fixtures for you to adopt the style in your environment and feel more comfortable than in any of these photos.

In the decoration, fashion and design as well as in art, vintage style  plays an important role because of its proposal to go back to the past in a more mordern way, making the head of hipsters, from antiques collectors to even those who like more modern styles.

Most photos, mainly in terms of decoration, focus on the feature of very aesthetic cool and warm vintage style, and we agree that the result is usually amazing. And the pictures, these lamps can go straight to your home.

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Free Apps are Becoming More and More in the Future

Market researchers estimate that this year of the app users more than 100 billion apps for smartphones and tablets will be downloaded. It should be even more in the future.

For 2013, the market researchers expect more than 102 billion downloaded apps for smartphones and tablets. The trend is rising. In the next four years, the download apps on Smartphones and tablets is probably more than doubled, say market researchers, they assume for the year 2017 268.7 billion downloaded apps. Free apps are likely to be probably significantly more when downloading. According to the market researcher, the percentage of free applications will climb in the next four years from currently 91% to 94.7%. Upgrade will sales also paid apps, from 9.2 billion this year to about 14.8 billion apps in the year 2017. Sink should, however, the prices that pay users for their apps.

What will change probably also on the sale of the apps: in the future, the app developers will likely earn with in-app purchases her buns. This virtual article and additional functions are meant in an app that the user can buy in addition. According to estimates, their share in the total sales of 11 per cent last year to 48 percent will rise in four years.

Applications for the Google system Android and Apple’s are continue to comprise the bulk of downloads iOS. According to analysts, the two probably in the future will remain the most important platforms for smartphones and tablets. Google’s platform “Play Store” However probably in the long run must submit to other app stores market share. Currently, users download approximately 55 percent of their apps when “Play Store”, by the year 2017, this proportion should but decline to 47 percent. Smaller app stores in future get more of the pie, they must first resolve their security problems: often they are abused by criminal online gangs, that camouflage malicious software as a seemingly harmless applications with them. Google and Apple that works better: both test all applications before they sell them.

Galaxy Round: Samsung Unveils Smartphone with Curved Display

A few hours ago Samsung its Smartphone with curved display the Galaxy round presented -. The model supports LTE-A and has a display that is as great as the display of the Galaxy with 5.7 inch emergency 3. When it is available? Tomorrow already! But only if you live in Korea.

The first Smartphone manufacturer worldwide Samsung with the Galaxy round has presented the first Smartphone with a curved display. The Galaxy round looks note 3 – up on the bend – much like a Galaxy. No wonder: They both have a 5.7-inch display and a back in a faux leather look.

The curved shape brings the Galaxy round some of the benefits: you can keep better in the hand to the Galaxy round thanks to its curved shape. On the other hand you can query current status information with the off screen by slightly pressing down the Galaxy round on one side – Samsung called the “roll effect”.

If it creates the Galaxy round to us after Germany, has not been set. The device is rather seen as a niche product and is intended only for the Korean market. One did Samsung with the presentation in any case: the company has wiped out neatly one LG the competitors with the launch of the Galaxy round, because LG is working even on a curved Smartphone model.

What do you think of the Galaxy notes? Would you put you one or do you need the model for complete? Write us your opinion!

Who wants to wait until the Galaxy round comes out with us, can order touch 3 with a cheap mobile phone funding from us the new Samsung Galaxy. You can choose the rates even!

What You Should Know Adhesive Bras

It’s almost as if it were magic. Adhesive bras were created as a weapon for the fashion, giving shape and rather bust support without breaking the Bank with straps, clasps and bands the look of the outfit you have chosen. Definitely are one of the favorite options of underwear of the stars of the show on the red carpet.

Low necklines, halter style tops, dresses with completely backless, is no obstacle when you use an adhesive bra.

What is an adhesive bra?

Let’s start with the definition. According to, an adhesive bra is a bra only consisting of a pair of glasses (there is no band, no is no straps, no hooks) which are placed by sticking to the skin of the bust-containing adhesive medical grade on the inside. There are disposable and reusable.

Types of adhesive bra you can find

Women are already accustomed to having a wide variety of bra styles to choose. As with other models, the adhesive Bras also exhibit some variety. The three most popular types are:

• Bras pre formed

Pre formed fasteners are made of soft gender and have molded cups to match the shape of the breasts. It has No stitching (seamless) for which no notice whatsoever under garments. You can find them in different thicknesses and forms.

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The Trendiest Lingerie Is On The Street

The nightgown or pajamas with which you go to bed every night and has become quite a trend for your new street style. Go outside the dressing gown around the house now becomes a commandment of fashion tremendously cool . What do not you believe it ? Well take a review of the best parades and discover how lingerie sexy can be your best ally for next season.

Pajama style

In summer, the silhouette of his pants is always present. But these months you will get the final combo adding the top of the same fabric and color . The end goal? Wear your pajamas like a tailored suit . As if the new uniform woman worker it were, this look relaxed and lightweight style is perfect for your days non-stop . Throw in accessories and ultrafeminos accessories, as some infinite heels or a scarf that enliven your outfit end. >>


What does not convince the idea of simulating the classic tailor? Dare then mix tops satin or satin pants or skirts cotton. Add your pajamas embroidered metalized brocade or paillettes and raises this garment essence sporty to its version deluxe.


Slip dress

Undeniably sexy, but ultra - sophisticated and elegant . This is the new dress code that the catwalks and celebrities have become a real must have : a . Slip dress Yes, nightgown straps life now goes a step further and jumps out of bed to asphalt to steal the dream this season. There are no rules for this pledge: I flaunt it as you take in your bedroom. With lace, transparencies, lace and, why not? Openings XL!


Welcome to your new wildcard for party nights . Capes accompanied furry or windbreakers perfect , complete your look with sandals minimal and maxi jewelry. Do our favorite? The tones nude of Alexander Wang or metalized Saint Laurent. Do you dare with this trend?


Like this at home

For if we had enough with pajamas and slip dress, now joins the lingerie trend classic dressing gowns of satin, satin or silk. Completes your look and raise it to the top with this piece of finishing effortless always should look open or knotted medium.



Its versatility is such that you can take to accompany your lace dresses and urban lingerie , as proposed by us Givenchy, even with clothes soft, of style nomcore and finishing sporty , as we saw in the parade of Balenciaga .


Irina Shayk Again Posing in Lingerie

Irina Shayk is news this week for the confirmation of his relationship with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper.  A few days ago we reported that the actor ‘Hangover’ was present in the front row of Givenchy for close to Russian top, the celebrity couple did not hide his love at a party in Paris Since he saw them together last year, rumors about their relationship have only just grab covers.


In addition to his emotional state, the model and former angel of constructmaterials it is also news for return to star in a campaign for intimate. The signing of lingerie retells the top for your upcoming spring collection, where sensuality and lace will very present. Irina Shayk shows, posing in the designs of the collection , why is one of the most desirable models of the moment. Yourselves judge him in this video.


The Russian model rose to fame through his campaign for the Italian firm in 2006. It was his first major campaign, and this opened the doors to success. He repeated for several years. and now, 10 years after their first collaboration, the model returns to pose in sexy outfits for the most intimate moments. 


At 30 years, the model boasts a enviable figure and beauty. The marks are the raffle, and his experience in the lingerie industry have become a regular campaign fashion underwear. He is a hardworking and self – confident woman. The spring collection intimate presents sets in black and where the lace is the protagonist. 

Ashley Graham Designed A Collection Of Lingerie For Curvy Brides

Ashley Graham is one of the top models. The top curvy US continues to show that curvy women are also sexier. And that translates into brides. The model 28 has just designed her first collection of lingerie for brides with curves. And we all want to be perfect on the night of weddings, regardless of size.

The collection is for Addition Elle brand, specializing in clothing sizes for women in the industry considered large brand fashion. It is not the first time the model 28 years working with the brand, but this is their first line of bridal lingerie.  The line presents corsets, bodies and even nightgowns with lots of lace for the most intimate moments of the honeymoon and newlywed night. the own Ashley Graham is responsible for posing with clothes , besides being white also opt for black and dark purple.

Bras with much glass and reinforcements to boast a prominent bust and your site are some of the essential collection, available on the website of Addition Elle. The details in bras and panties, as well as lace, dominate collection, marking classic cut. We also found suspenders, both white and black, to squander a lot of sensuality. This lingerie line designed by the curvy model and t is designed for the wedding night or for the honeymoon. 

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Nicola Griffin, The 56 Year Old Model Who Stars In Lingerie Campaign

Nicola Griffin is not a supermodel or not young, but is aware of her body. But that does not stop starring in fashion campaigns in lingerie and become the first woman over 50 years to appear in Sports Illustrated.  This British 56 years is one of the new voices in the fashion industry that advocates a change in the standards of beauty , and like tops curvy as Ashley Graham is getting that older women get to be represented in an obsessed industry bodies young and thin.

Nicola Griffin stars in a lingerie campaign for slink Magazine, specializing in large sizes magazine. Photographed by Roberto Aguilar, poses in a campaign that wants to claim the beauty of women 50 years and curves in the industry today. And judging by the pictures is very clear that the model is very comfortable posing in lingerie. The British model poses in lingerie nightgowns, in bodies and even garters to show that you can be sexy at any age.

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Samsung and Ice Watch Collaborate on Smartphone

Who the brand Samsung smartphones so far not colorful are enough, might enjoy this news: the South Korean electronics maker has announced a partnership with the manufacturer of trendy ice watches. Together, one wool develop no Smartwatch, but colourful mobile devices in the lower price segment and thus attract a young purchaser. Also cheap tablets with colorful painting be possible in addition to smartphones, which will capture the market as a trendy “ice phones”.

Smartphones and Tablets in the Styles of Trendy Wrist Watch

The pop watches ice watch, which are sold in brightly coloured Lego-like packaging, are currently very popular especially among young people. While they fall up enormously with its colourful design and the striking case, the Smartphones and tablets of the brand of Samsung are far more reserved by jibin123. Especially compared to devices of Nokia Lumia series Samsung smartphones seem quite clear. This could be changing thanks to the cooperation with ice watch, however.

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Microsoft Office: FÜRs iPad Rather Than for Windows 8?

The new Microsoft Office to appear in the course of the year 2014 for touch-based devices – for Windows 8 as well as for the iPad. Microsoft expert and industry insider Mary Jo Foley according to the Apple community even more benefit from the new software could. Office should come namely for the iPad on the market, when the development is complete. This could be the case in the first half of the year.

Microsoft Executives Have Changed Their Mind

While it’s still not fixed in the last year, whether Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for Apple’s iPad should be made available, the launch could be done now actually sooner than for Windows 8. As business Insider reported, the Microsoft executives would have changed her mind to Office for the iPad, which is developed under the internal name “Miramar”, towards the end of last year. “If we do something for the iPad, then it becomes a first class application”, cited the portal, Microsoft’s Vice President John case from

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